What damier bag is this?

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  1. I saw a small damier bag with a removable shoulder strap on elux last night. I was going to think on it a day and then order it tonight. Well, that was a mistake, as it is gone. :crybaby:

    But my other mistake was not writing down the name of the bag so I can search elux for it in the future or ask if I ever make the trip to a boutique.

    I don't remember much, except it was small, had a zipper at the top and was the only one I've ever seen with a removable shoulder strap. I think the price was $515 USD. If anyone can help me identify this bag with such little information, I would be very grateful! Thank you!
  2. was it the illovo pm? that's about the right price and it's removable on one side of the strap. well at least my mm is. i'm not sure if the pm is fully removable.
  3. It wasn't the illovo. It had things on the back that allowed it to be attached to a belt, which was why the strap was fully removable. I didn't like the idea of those things on the back, but I really liked the rest of the bag.
  4. i think this is what u were talking about.

    pochette ipanema

  5. That's it! :yahoo: Thank you so much for your help. I am going to keep an eye out on elux in case they get them again. And I've written down the name!