What colour is the Miu Miu Dustbag?

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  1. Hi ladies, I just bought a white Miu Miu bag off ebay. It looks ok except that it came with a white dustbag (similar fabric to the white prada dustbag) instead of the grey dustbag. Is this normal or was I ripped off?
  2. you need to post the bag itself to be autheticated...

    vintage Miu Miu has white dust bags,
    then it changed to Grey,
    then it is now pink since Spring 2009
  3. Thanks :smile:
  4. My Miu Miu came in a gray dustbag. You should definitely get it authenticated and report a SNAD if they deem it unauthentic.
  5. Yeah get it authenticated to be on the safe side :smile:
  6. I own Miu Miu bags and the dust bags have been grey and now light pink.
  7. i am very happy this has been cleared up.

    i had seen a lot of reveals with the pink dust bags and got a bag from the a/w 08 collection, which came with a grey one.

    if i had not know for certain that the re-seller was authentic i would have been very worried.

    i hope it all turns out good for you.
  8. mine is gray...
  9. anyone who has a white dustbag? does this have a black tag with white miu miu letters on it?
  10. Never seen the white one nop
  11. white dust bag has printed logo - not a woven label like the grey/pink bags