What colour Coffer should I get please?

  1. I love the Miu Miu Coffer bag and HAVE to have one but what colour should I get?

    I love the Black Leather, Dark Brown Leather and Brown Suede.

    I think I would use the Black Leather one more but a lot of my bags are Black. Mind you, I have a few LV's too so I suppose I'm covered on the Brown front too.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I love the black one...don't think you can go wrong there! I've been debating between Coffer colors too...black and prugna.
  3. ^ I've been looking through the forum here at all the photos and although I love the Brown Suede one I have decided on getting the Black.
  4. i vote for black leather...i have one...it goes with all outfits...and they made black coffer every season...so its timeless...
  5. i have the prugna and I say go for black- i regret not getting the black
  6. Black for sure. I use the black as my everyday bag and wouldn't trade it in for any other!! The more I use it.......the softer the leather gets. I LOVE MY BLACK COFFER :love:
  7. Is the brown suede coffer available anywhere? I've been watching on eBay but everyone is a sad, sad fake.
  8. I have the black and i love her!
  9. vote for black:tup::tup:
  10. Black Leather
  11. I say black because (in case you don't already know this) the brown is super hard to maintain!!! Color transfer (from jeans) and water stains are a BIG problem! I had mine for barely a few days before I accidentally put it down on a wet chair and there were awful stains!

    Some months later, I also noticed dark blue marks against the back of the bag where it'd rubbed against my dark denim jeans SIGH.