What colors can I wear w/ my Royal Blue MAM?

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  1. I got my royal blue mam today. It is super cute....old school bronze hardware, tassels and a electric blue zipper track. What colors can I wear it with? This is my first blue bag! Thanks!
  2. Blue surprisingly is really a neutral color! Its looks great with all colors IMO, and ofcourse any outfit/top you would be able to pair with dark denim jeans i would pair the royal with also! Greys, Reds, Purples, Pinks, Black, Dark Greens, Browns, Yellow, Orange... really goes with the cool and warm colors as well as pastels, and great pop again spring/summer clothes as well. :yes:

  3. That's exactly what I needed to hear! I was worrying I had made another impulse buy b/c I love old hardware but I really do love this bag. It is the prettiest color!
  4. Like Desi said, think of this color like your favorite pair of blue jeans-they go with anything, anytime! The Royal is sooo pretty, and so versatile!!
  5. I agree with both of the above. I'm currently carrying a navy luxe MN and I fell like it looks good with pretty much everything I wear. I actually chose the color because I love to wear jeans so much, so I look at it as a go-with-everything like Susan said.