What color will you choose?

  1. Hi everyone, I am going to buy a Balenciaga Classic City Bag, and not sure what color i should pick.
    My own preference will be either Black or Cinnamon (dark brown). Can any one give me some suggestions? Many people suggest Black since it is the classic color, but i just want to hear more opinions...
  2. What colours do you usually wear most throughout the year? And do you prefer neutrals or "pop" colours when you pick out a handbag?
  3. It's always good to have a black BBag and the city is perfect imo.
  4. Black is a great basic, but since Balenciaga offers so many awesome colors, why not consider them as well? The city thread in the reference library shows a LOT of different colors (link: http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga-style-reference/the-balenciaga-city-139404.html) so that might help you make your decision! The City is a great bag! I love all the red colors (tomato, rouge family).
  5. Hi evaever, welcome to the forum!

    The beauty of bbags is that they come in so many gorgeous shades of color. There are some beautiful browns out there, and black is always a classic, but have you considered the other colors too? If you have a look on the forum you'll see bbags coming in a rainbow assortment of colors, and that's part of the thrill :love:

    But, if you have set your mind on black or brown, I would pick black for the first bbag, you can't go wrong with black and it looks good with giant hardware (silver giant hardware or gold giant hardware) - you can do a search for these and see how they look like, many tpfers have posted pictures of them before. Ultimately go with what color you prefer - have a browse in the reference subsection for colors!
  6. Hi and welcome to the forum!!! :smile:

    I'd say go with what you prefer....It seems like you are into a more neutral colors like black, brown or maybe beige....

    so maybe you should keep your options open, cruising through some of the newer colors like sahara and other neutral colors (If they are those of your interest)

    Then if nothing hits you the I'd just go with the black

    I mean black cities are always my favorite after all :smile:
  7. I vote for black. Black is very classic and timeless.
  8. Hi, since I have a number of Louis Vuitton bags, I am avoiding brown bbags. I already purchased a black city with ggh and I am considering an ivory or plomb for my next one. So if you have a lot of other brown bags, then go for black. And vice versa.
  9. I agree that it depends on your wardrobe and what other bags/colors you have. Black is always classic, and is my go-to bag when I don't feel like switching or thinking about what to carry. However, lots of people commented on how great the mogano (cinnamon) color was and how nice the leather is. If you're able to go see them in person, you might want to go, look at the leather, and pick based on that (and as others have said, maybe one of the other colors will catch your eye while you're there!)
  10. Either cinnamon or black would be great for a first bbag. But black is made every season so if you like cinnamon you should get it now while it's still available :yes:
  11. I would also suggest looking at some of the darker brown colors - such as Cafe, especially with the Giant Hardware (I have the Part-Time with the Giant Gold hardware and frankly, the bag looks black from far away until you compare it). Also the Plomb (Dark Grey) is a nice soft color that goes with so many things. Some other classics are in the Navy/Blue or Taupe hues. While I like a Tan/Camel color, the problem is that the lighter the bag, the more potential that it gets dirtier faster (at least that is how it works in my book).

    Good luck ...
  12. ^^^CeeJay I love the Cafe Part-Time with GGH! I saw it in person and it is stunning! It does look almost black under certain lighting but the GGH looks great on it. You are lucky!
  13. I think out of those two colours, I would pick the black City because it is so classic (I still need to get one of these myself one day!).