what color should I get a first in?

  1. I love the size of the first, I have a grey currently, and am hankering another one. But theres so many colors to choose from! I mainly wear grey and navy, black and white, dark denim, etc. what would you suggest? (I'm not a fan of candy colors). TIA!
  2. oh get vermillion! i love neutrals, greys & red-orange together! and it's not candy, it's chili pepper red!
  3. The Cafe is gorgeous...but given your wardrobe, you should also consider the Anthracite, which is a very, very dark gray (almost black). Or one of the mid-range browns. Also, Blu Glacier looks lovely -- it would give you color but not the candy kind!
  4. Hi,
    you can buy a grey bag or a caramel...this first colour is neutral and the second colour is great with all your clothes.
    :idea: :idea:
  5. blueberry - its the perfect colour
  6. Aarti, it seems that a red color (like the vermillion) that mocean suggested would be a great idea. The red would play beautifully with all of your neutral colors, especially in a smaller style like the first.
  7. I think red would be great since you wear a lot of neutrals. It would give your outfit a nice accent.
  8. I love the sound of the vermillion or anthracite. anyone have pictures?
  9. Definitely some red, maybe even rouille if you can find it! To give your outfits a burst of color!
  10. I don't think anyone mentioned the Marine yet.

    But someone posted a pic of the Bleu Glacier and its :drool:
  11. love the red in the smaller bags, awesome in the first!!!
  12. There are pictures of Vermillion, Cafe, and I think Blu Glacier in the threads -- do a search for those colors. Anthracite hasn't come out yet (I'm waiting, waiting, waiting....) but there's a photo of the new colors on bags at Ateliernaff.com, toward the bottom of this link:

    atelier.naff: Seafoam! (ish) ...SS07 color swatches
  13. ^^thanks! I'm even more curious now about anthracite and cobalt! but I think I would want just one blue.
  14. i def. vote for bright colours like reds or blues...
    it'll brighten up ur neutral colour wardrobes :yes:
  15. blueberry or grenat/bordeaux