what color of kelly pouchette should i buy?

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  1. hi ladies, i am in loveeeee love love with KP, i am wondering what color will be the most versatileee, most of my outfit is black n white, mostly i go with dark clothes (blacks) and some pastel colors like pink n purples...rare brown beige etc...i rarely wear brown..

    now i am sure i will buy the black kp in shiny croc with palladium hw for suree but maybe in 2011 haha
    so colors that i should not buy are;
    1. black - i should not buy the black...because someday ill buy the black croc..kwim?
    2. beige or white - i have few cluthes in that color already...
    3. pastel colors - rose dragee or blue jean, i think its too no no?

    so what color do u think i shud get? sorry for being crazy...ow and i already have white jige and rouge H jige.

    thx u for ur kind help, hope u dont mind sharring your thoughts. Thank you once again.
  2. save some more and get a fauve croc KP.

    it would go well with anything.
  3. Orange, rouge vif are some possibilites in regular leathers. While they pop, they actually go with quite a lot.
  4. Red.
  5. RAISIN!!! Of Course!
  6. Just saw you already have a rouge H, maybe a raisin
  7. im thinkin of red (vermillion/vif/garrance or purple (raisin a bit too dark for me...maybe violet) or pink (rose shocking/fuschia)?
    actually now...i am being offereda havanne with gold hw....what do u think of this color?
    i dont wear brown that much hiks....but i need a color that superrr versatile...
    tia ladies n gentleman =)
  8. I have been trying to figure out what color to get in one of these as well! Bleu de Prusse was very pretty since I wear jeans a lot.

    I think a bright shade would be lovely to add a pop of color. Whatever you choose, I am sure it will be fantastic :heart:
  9. Are you getting a croc also for this one or a normal leather? I would suggest a lizard since you have a black croc on the roadmap.

    Fuschia, bright purple, or bright red lizard would be very nice. You definitely need a bright colour to pop your outfit.
  10. Do you wear white gold / platinum jewellery or yellow gold jewellery most of the time? I attended a recent formal event and had worn my white gold diamond jewellery. And had in mind to whip out my Prune Box KC with GHW, forgetting it has GHW. When I looked into my mirror, I was shocked. The clash was too glaring. I went for my Black Box KC with PHW instead.
  11. Rouge H, I thinkn red would be perfect if you wear a lot of black and white
  12. brighton blue!
  13. hi ladies thx u so much for your kind help. i wanna get a normal leather. i like lizard on kelly or birk but not on KP.
    and yes I LOVEEE BRIGHTON BLUE or BLUE SAPPHIRE but how can i get them? hiks....
    so i should reject on this havanne with gold hw?
    mrs sparkles: yes i think hw matters if the color of the bag is quite dark...

    so is it down to red or bright pink or bright purple n bright blue? no havanne? hks i am just scared that i'll regret pasisng on havanne with goldhw =)
  14. I don't think you'll regret passing on the Havanne if you don't wear brown.

    And the pop colours you mention are so much more "poppier" LOL in lizard I would strongly advise you to consider red, orange or purple lizard.

    Another other alternative is Gris Fonce Lizard - a soft silvery neutral. Very versatile IMO.
  15. Agree. If you don't wear brown, don't get the Havanne. And no fauve either.