what color , leather, and hardware are your Bearns?

  1. Just wondering what color, leather, size, and hardware is your Bearn wallet? and what are the price difference between goat, lizard, croc?
  2. the ITbag,

    I'll post of pictures of mine since I'm currently on my computer in my NY residence. The picture was taken last November or December for members on the TFS thread. I have a bunch more at my other residences, but I didn't take pictures of them. And of course, since I am a major bearn addict, I've acquired 8+ bearns since then! :P :rolleyes: :heart:

    bearn wallets.jpg
  3. I forgot to mention this: there is a huge price difference among these bearns. For regular bearns, here is the rundown:

    Croc: $3000+
    Lizard: $2300+
    Goat: $1900+
    Calf: $1650+
  4. Twigz - I love your wallets! Do you find that the croc ones scratch up easily? How about the scales cracking?

    theITbag - I have one bi-fold Bear wallet in violette chevre mysore. I love it!
  5. I'm planning to buy soon my first Bearn wallet, but I've been waiting for the three fold since I like to carry one big wallet and stuff it with everything, instead of several smaller ones for different purposes (my usual wallet is a LV Passport Organizer!)

    So, I'm decided on the size, but color and leather are a total blank...my SA says get a bright fun color, which I would like in a way, also because all my bags are neutral colors, but my agenda is red, so I don't know if another bright color would be too much, i.e.: brown bag, red agenda and tourqoise wallet for example...Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated...;) :flowers:
  6. I have one coming from e-bay (Luxury-Zurich) tomorrow - it's a caramel bi-fold gold h.w. in chevre mysore - I can't wait to see it! I decided on a neutral color since most of my bags are brights...
  7. My bags are bright colors, but I have bright color bearn wallets as well....(maybe it is too much... I don't know) I saw fushia ostrich bearn wallet. It was stunning! It would match with my birkin, but I did not buy it...It was $2300. I thought I rather want two regular bearns with little extra money with the price of that wallet. Now I kind of want that wallet... But I am sure that wallet is gone by now...
  8. Oh, by the way I have bearn wallets in red (looks like calf skin)with palladium-bi-fold, oranage (chevre-goat skin) with palladium tri-fold~this one is my favorite, and brown with gold plate bi-fold, and considering buying turqouise bi-fold bearn soon...
  9. Twigz, your Bearn collection is incredible! I want a GM in chocolate Chevre Mysore...
  10. I think I am more jealous of your multiple residences than your Hermes collection. I love all those cities.
  11. I am looking too for a Bearn wallet.
    Twigz...love your collection....makes me want to start collecting Bearns instead of handbags!
    Duna...I have all neutral color bags too and really want a fun color...good idea! All the colors you mentioned would be fun to pull out when needed.
    Aspenmartial...where did you see the ostrich fushia wallet? Anyways, that would be "cool" to have a matching set!
    TheitBag...I love this post!! Good idea!!
  12. Shoes.....can you let me know how you like your wallet from Luxury-Zurich? I'm waiting IMPATIENTLY for Mizz Chocolate Kelly to arrive....I sent the wire on Thursday and of course it takes a few days to hit in Europe (now why is that????) so I'm hoping he can ship on Monday or Tuesday....

    Anyway, I was looking at a few Berns he has for sale but I think I'd like a softer leather than the Epson and I worry about scratching the Box...yours sounds fabulous!
  13. love your bearns,Twigz! can't wait to see more.
  14. Shopmom...I'm waiting for your Chocolate Kelly to arrive too!! Can't wait to see it...how fun!!
  15. twigz, your collection is amazing. thanks for posting pics. which leather do you think handles wear the best? and what size do you like better?

    i'm in :heart: with your small red lizard. if you need to part with it, will you give me heads up?:idea:

    i'd love to see more pics of Bearns from any of you who have them (new or old) with all your stuff in it. it would be great to see how they look normally used.

    thanks, guys in advance.