What color is my classic flap?


Feb 28, 2014
Hello all! I just purchased my M/L classic flap pre-loved (from Yoogi's closet) and I would like to know exactly which red this is... the serial code begins with 15, and Yoogi's said that it is from 2011/2012. The color is quite orange-y which I wasn't sure if I'd like, but actually goes well with my wardrobe and is a nice cheerful pop, so I think I'm going to keep it. I've done a ton of reading about Chanel reds online but I'm unclear - when folks refer to a red as 12A, for example, does that refer to the year it was produced (2012) or to the serial code (beginning with 12, so year 2008/2009)? Does Chanel produce more than one shade of red per year? Can you tell me just from the year and serial code what color this is, or can you tell from the photo?


I realize this is complicated by differing lighting/computer monitors/eyesight, but any input would be greatly appreciated!