What color is exactly Midnight?

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  1. I was wondering as I could not figure out by this pic, what color is exactly Midnight. It does not look black in this pic.
    Can anyone help me out? TIA
  2. That has two different colors on it, the night i believe is lighter black and this one you posted has a seocnd color called black spot?
  3. But it does not look black to me at all, not even lighter black.
  4. [​IMG]


    Night with pewter

    Maybe someone that owns this bag could comment better but it's looks black to me with mayeb a sheen of pewter in it. HTH!
  5. The colors on that bag are called Midnight (which is BLACK) and Pewter (which is METALLIC)

    Hope that helps!
  6. The second one is not NIGHT it is MIDNIGHT W/ PEWTER. I know it's confusing but this is the deal:

    Midnight was the old black leather they used and Night is the new black leather. It's just two different types of black leather. They are both black, just the texture, look and feel is different.

    Hope this helps better!
  7. Samia, the bag you have pictured is the midnight/pewter combination.

    The midnight is black. Rebecca uses different names for her blacks each season, and the black leather has very little variation in them season to season.

    The night is also a dark black leather, very soft, and has a slight sheen to it. I love it!

    Noir is the black that will be in the prefall line, which i presume is going to be a super dark rich black.

    But all of the RM black bags i've come across thus far are very soft
  8. Thanks Desi and littlerock80, I see it now. I think I am going blind or something though! LOL
  9. MrsShoeGal thanks for the pics!
  10. The pic that I posted, is that the older style as it has tassles.
  11. Yes samia it is!
  12. i have seen both midnight and night IRL. here is what i think:

    midnight (with pewter)
    very glazed, very stiff, very heavy! i did like the look of it (it reminded me of my francesca biasia bag that i once had), but it just looked so huge on me.

    night (with darkspot)
    very very soft and smooshy, slight sheen, and i was quite surprised at how light it was! this version of the matinee did not look huge at all and i think it is bc of the smooshibility factor.

    if i had to choose, i would definitely pick the night (with darkspot)!
    HTH! :smile:
  13. ^^ So its really heavy, the problem is I am looking for a MAM in black and can't seem to find one, and I don't have the patience to wait for the basketweave one till June I think!
    Plus I like the one I posted the pic of, its black but the pewter gives it that bit extra class I think!
    Does anyone own this bag? Can I see some pics!