What color is coral??

  1. I want a coral evelyne...so confused with all the colors. Which color is a true coral?

    (I want to match my poppy tieks;). )

    Rose jaupier
    Rouge pivoine
  2. Show us what you think of as coral, it's pretty subjective :flowers:
  3. I would describe coral as a more pink shade of orange
  4. They so close! They can be both coral. RJ = pink coral , RP = red coral. But RJ is more coral to me.
  5. I can see Pivoine as being that kind of a coral, it really depends on undertones and leather. Even Capucine is kind of a coral IMO.
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  6. Leather would Clemance for both options.
  7. I just got a rose jaipur kelly pouchette and it's the perfect coral
  8. I have a rouge pivoine evelyne and to me, it doesn't pass as a coral. It is an odd color. I don't view it as red red, it seems more "dusty" than that in some light it seems like it is more orangey red and other times more pinky red.
  9. How about Orange Poppy? I have this in Epsom and it's a shade more orange but reminds me of a shade of coral.
  10. Rouge pivione reads red mostly. Hard to capture but gp is rp... reads red. Bad lighting but I sold the gp bc I wanted Coral. it's confusing bc they're pretty close but def Rj is Coral... birkin has more orange... totally Coral imo... and irl the difference is obvious to a color lover. Hth
    IMG_3499.JPG IMG_8494.JPG
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  11. On another note, poppy isn't Coral... not sure if you're referring to h poppy... but poppy doesn't match rj. H poppy is way more orange ...
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  12. Technically Pivoine is based on a coral/salmon peony flower but in leather to me it reads more red. I would say Jaipur is closer to the Pantone color you selected.

    Good luck!
  13. I think rj is closest to the color swatch you wanted. But it can be a bit neon/red-ish in different lighting. Imo a good reference of true coral is flamingo.
  14. Thanks everyone for the input!!

    Rose Japiur evelyne should arrive late next week !!