What color for Nightingale Shopper?

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  1. I was choosing between the Tod's Miky and Givenchy Nightingale and finally made up my mind I'm going for the Nightingale shopper tote. Initially I wanted the black but I already got lots of black bags. What color do you like in this style? I'm getting it in the goat leather with silver hardware.

    -Red with black lining (I already have Bal Coqu Work GS21)
    -Black with red lining (My Chanel Jumbo/GST, BV, YSL Muse, Prada...well...black is so gorgeous and no-brainer for me)
    -Ivory with mauve/wine lining (I have Chloe Ivory Paraty)
    -Brown with light beige lining (I only have BV Ebano Veneta)

    Practically my brain told me to get the black because it's going to get more use and worth the price. I tried the Red one in my local Nordies and it's SO PRETTY!! But again, it's bright red and it's a big tote...so lots of red. I also saw the Ivory color but in lambskin in Nordstrom but I'm wondering how easy is to keep clean even with a more durable less babying material, goat leather. The brown I saw is on Farfetch.com and maybe it's just me but I'm not sure I see some green undertone in it that I don't like. But I see brown is a great neutral too. So decision, what would you get if it's your only Nightingale, the shopper style? TIA:smile:
  2. I'd go for black... the red lining is something different and it would make me smile every time I reached in to grab something out of the bag!
  3. Agree with ehemelay, id go with blk.
  4. Thanks I'm leaning towards the black too! I guess it'll be joining my black bags rotation.:biggrin::biggrin: