what color for my first chanel?

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what color for jumbo caviar classic flap?

  1. 10C Navy Blue with SHW

  2. Classic Black with GHW

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. so i've been lusting after the jumbo caviar classic flap for quite some time and am planning to finally make the purchase. the caviar jumbos at the chanel boutiques are out of stock, but i have managed to locate a 10C navy with SHW and black with GHW one.

    considering this would my first chanel and i prob won't be able to afford another one in a while, which color should i go for?
  2. Ooo i m the first to vote! :P

    I voted for black for the first chanel ! ;)
  3. I love navy... but I recommend black for your first chanel!
  4. Navy for something different than everyone else's first Chanel, but just as versatile as black. You should consider navy with gold hardware too. That combination would be stunning. :heart:
  5. Usually, I would say black as first Chanel. But, since Navy is a very neutral versatile color I say get the Navy since it was made just for this season.
  6. I vote for the black for your first chanel. :smile::smile:
  7. When I 1st walked into the Chanel boutique for my 1st Chanel, I just trust the store supervisor who advised me to go for black caviar Jumbo with GHW, it turned out to be the best decision for me so far.

    Good luck deciding!
  8. ditto!

  9. Go for the black!!!
  10. Black!
  11. I would say black! its classic
  12. I think every Chanel collector, should have a Black Caviar Classis Flap, and I love GH
  13. Navy is a versatile colour and is probably only available this season whereas the black is a classic and therefore will always be available. I would go for navy!
  14. Another vote for black!
  15. My vote is for the black. You can't go wrong with the classic black flap.