What color for a 1st MJ purchase (need for everyday)?

  1. This is big for me. I've been saving forever and now it is time to make the dream a reality. I get one shot. One Marc Jacobs bag. I want it to be an everyday-goes-with-almost-everything kind of bag. I'm thinking the Blake or the Venetia. I'm leaning towards the Blake since I'm a mom and having it over my shoulder is important.

    The question is, what color? I mentioned black to a friend and she was howling, "Don't get blaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!" I thought black went with everything. She suggested the MJ Blake in Bordeaux. I'm not an overly trendy person so I can't imagine buying something like spearmint or bright colors. But any other suggestions? Pictures would be a huge help too.

  2. I totally agree with her, the bordeaux would be a fabulous color. Other colors I would suggest would be purple like maroon or amethyst, or green, like emerald or sap green. I find those colors really go well with most outfits.
  3. I would get a neutral color like a taupe, check out devinesgirl's blake (hope you don't mind me showing off a bag that is not mine)! Plus, black is faked so much, get a color.
  4. MJ has so many great colors, I would suggest getting a color. You can get black in any bag. I am partial to Sap Green - I have a Venetia in this color and it goes with just about everything. Green can be a great neutral!
  5. I agree with shoebuyer about getting a neutral color like taupe or peanut. I also like this new color for Resort 07. I'm not sure what it's called though. Look how pretty the Blake looks in it:

  6. Okay ladies I ran over to Nordies today and tried on the bordeaux. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I'm gonna check out that new resort color too. You guys are right - forget black. This is Marc Jacobs. I need some kind of color even if it is neutral. Thank you!
  7. ^^How exciting for you!! Keep us posted on what you end up getting! :yes:
  8. :tup::heart::tup:
  9. hey munchkin1206 - I think the bordeaux is a gorgeous color.

    Do you live near a boutique? If so call ahead and if you get a good SA, they'll pull out all the blakes they have so you can look at the colors. Thats how I picked out my zc color that I couldnt decide on. We sat on the floor and spread them out. It was a blast....
  10. How exciting!! I agree with the others...no black! You'd be suprised at how well even some of the brighter colors meld with your wardrobe. I like to use my bags for a bit of pop to the outfit...I have maroon and it is GREAT! Greens are great too, and then of course, browns or taupes go with absolutely everything and are classics! Be sure to post pics when you get it!!
  11. Bordeaux would be a wonderful purchase as a go-with-anything color. Unless you wear a bunch of lime green and orange combinations. Most people don't though. Bordeaux is a great, rich, brownish-red. The gold hardware really sets it off and makes it special. :drool:
  12. Don 't forget black! Black was my sort of first color (the first was navy, but I've not carried the bag and I'm not sure I ever will). I love my black Venetia. It goes with everything.
  13. I went to the flagship Nordstroms store today in downtown Seattle and tried on pretty much every color Marc Jacobs they had in the store and I still love that Bordeaux! Even my husband liked it.

    Now the next step. WHERE TO BUY? I am determined to find a deal on it. Even if it's a tiny deal. But I can't find the bordeaux Blake anywhere online except for Shopbop but I'll be old and gray before they cough up another promo code.

    Any ideas? I'm SO BUMMED the Purse Store only has it in black and stone. 25% is killer. At least with Shopbop I could save the tax but I'm hoping to save at least 10% from somebody. There has to be an e-tailer out there that'll sell me a bordeaux Blake.

    Any ideas?

    All of you ladies have been wonderful. This is so huge for me and I'm so giddy excited I can hardly stand it. I can't wait to get my hands on this bag permanently! Eeeee!!!
  14. I purchased something a few month's ago from Shopbop, and told them that most of their competitors had a 15-20% coupon discount. They said they would honor 15%, so voila!

    I would just ask them...It doesn't hurt.....Good luck!