What color do you get complimented the most?

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  1. When I wear orange or red, men always compliment me and I was surprised by orange because I actually hated orange & yellow. I still hate yellow but I have started incorporating more orange in my wardrobe because it obviously looks good on me. Red I already know looks good on me which is why I frequently wear a red lip but I only have a couple red clothing, so I need to add more.

    My staple and go to is black but I'm moving away from it now and prefer caramel/beige/cream/blush in place of black. Women always compliment me when I wear fuchsia/hot pink especially fuchsia lipstick. I do love fuchsia but now I'm going to choose softer pinks like blush especially since it looks great paired with black. Turquoise & aqua looks great on me as well but they're not many options in those colors but I choose it when it's available.

    Colors I avoid white, yellow, brown, purple, and navy blue
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    May I ask your coloring? I'm curious as most people who look good in red and fucshia do not do as well with orange.

    I am a " purple person" and I receive many compliments when I'm dressed in this color. (mostly from women, I'm old and chubby so compliments from men are rare!) I mostly wear blues, reds and purples, with grey as my go to neutral.
  3. I'm boring, I wear mostly black BUT I do own a few camel colour coats that I get compliments on every time I wear them.

    I don't own any red clothes but I do have a red purse that gets me load of compliments, also when I wear red lipstick other women always comment. So I guess "note to self" try and incorporate more red into my wardrobe!

    But the item I own that gets me TONS of compliments is a bright yellow Love Quote scarf. People literally stop me on the street to compliment my outfit whenever I have that scarf on. Maybe because I live in a cold country so a bright sunny yellow scarf does stand out. I call it my "happy scarf" as it always puts me in a good mood whenever I wear it.
  4. You may be on to something here. I get the most compliments with fuchsia and sometimes red. I look washed out and sickly with orange, especially bright orange or rust orange. I also don't look very good with very light peach color. My skin tone is warm/olive, light brown eyes and medium brown hair.
  5. You're right which is why I became puzzled when men would compliment me whenever I wore orange because I just always assumed it didn't look good on me. I have a tan complexion and my foundations are neutral based, so I guess that would explain why some warm & cool tones look good on me.
  6. My complexion is darker than yours which is probably why I can pull off orange as it pops against my tanned skin. If my complexion was lighter, it would probably have the same effect on me as it does you.
  7. I am very "old school" about coloring, as in the original "Color me Beautiful" phenomenon from back in the early '80's. An olive complection used to be classified, usually, as cool toned, with blue undertones even though it appears warm on the surface. And always looked better in blue rather than yellow.

    And blue based reds bring the men running to you!
  8. Red, camel and yellow, could you be golden blond, strawberry blond or light auburn? You sound like you may be a spring, the rarest of the coloring, with clear warm colors the most flattering.
  9. WOW! You're good! Yes I have golden/strawberry blonde hair (think Adele's hair colour).
    I know nothing about colouring (off to Google "spring" colouring). Like I said I wear mostly black, but I like a pop of colour to accent my outfit (a red lip or a bright colour scarf to brighten up my face).
    I live in Canada (so lots of coats) I mostly wear chocolate brown or camel colour coats as I like a "warmer" colour near my face. Although I do own black coats but then I have to wear a scarf to "warm it up".
    I might have to spruce up my boring black wardrobe, thanks for the info! Very interesting!
  10. Spring colors can be quite beautiful. Yellows, greens, turquoise, corals, orangey reds with camels, golden browns. This is the original spring color chart.

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  11. I just wanted to show some different winter ladies so you see some of the variety of colorings. There are now three winter color breakdowns, there used to be only one and it was all cool toned. Now it does include warmer tones for some.

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  12. Yup, those are my colours. The yellow scarf that gets me all my compliments is that exact golden yellow colour! I also have a green scarf that match that chart that I love as well! When I first started looking for a red lipstick, every make up artist told me to go "orange-red" which is exactly what I wear.
    This chart is spot on. Thank you!
    I did just read that spring colours don't include black or white which is accurate for me. No stark white, I go with ivory instead. In fact creamy ivory pearls help warm up my face when I am wearing my black dresses.
    I still love my black clothes but have always tried to keep black away from my face as I know it does nothing for me, so my rule has always been no black near my face. That means - no black scarfs, sunglasses, reading glasses, hats etc.. All my glasses are gold metal, tortoise shell or browns.
    Funny, I was following the spring colour rules even though I never heard of this before. I guess we all kind of know what really works for us and what doesn't.
    Thanks again, I've learned a lot!!!
  13. It is said that we instinctively know our right colors, but I sure didn't. I wore whatever colors were "in". Learning the best colors changed my world.

    I am so glad that the spring colors are so right for you! And you know just what works. I love colorful bags as well as clothes - hope you might get a yellow or orange bag!
  14. Funny you mention the yellow or orange bag - those 2 are on my wish list. I almost bought a classic orange Hermes bag, but chickened out and bought it in black instead lol
    I have been searching for the perfect yellow bag for years - nothing has felt right so the search continues...
  15. This is the dark winter chart which includes warmer colors. I don't see any bright orange here, but there are some orangey pinks!

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