What color did I get?

  1. I ordered a Vert Gazon Day through a SA in NJ NM, shipped from the Vegas store, and sent to the Dallas store (long story). It arrived yesterday, and it took 4 phone calls for someone to find out where the bag is within the store, stuck in receiving because everyone was busy shipping things to Last Call. I stood around for 20 minutes while 3 people, including the manager, searched for the bag. After all that, it was the wrong color. So what color is this? I searched through the reference section, but didn't find a match.

    I almost don't want to return it. Lee at the NJ Short Hills store provided such good service, I actually feel bad.
  2. emerald? pine? :confused1: just guessing..
  3. That looks like 06 Emerald.
  4. Definitely looks like a gorgeous Emerald 06 to me!

  5. sorry, I don't know what color. but, it is a gorgeous bag.:tup:
  6. Cool, thanks everyone! I don't dislike this color, but I really wanted a Vert Gazon. Oh well, maybe it just wasn't meant to be.
  7. judging by the marbling i'd say it's an o6 emerald :confused1:
  8. I love emerald!! Great color, you should keep it!! Congrats.
  9. Yep emerald, lots of texture to the leather, pretty.
  10. Wow...I thought the SA you mention is one who knows Balenciaga more than most...he said this was Vert Gazon? I guess none of them are infallible, though. It's very lovely---but it definitely looks like the '06 Emerald to me. At least w/Neiman's you can return it if you don't love it! BTW, you shouldn't feel bad...if anything it will be a good educational experience for him!! ;)
  11. Yum... love green bags!! It's definitely not Vert Gazon. Congrats!
  12. OOH, emerald and soo beautiful! But I can understand that you wanted vert gazon and this is definitely not it. I'm sorry you didn't get the one you want!
  13. :yes:
  14. Lee never saw the bag. He didn't have any in his store, so he tracked one down in Vegas, so whoever at that store must have made a mistake on the color. I thought his service was good because he quickly searched for the bag, called me back promptly, and even tracked the bag for me. He left me a message the day before it arrived in Dallas to let me know when I can go get it.

    I have to say, this emerald is starting to grow on me...
  15. That's a beautiful shade of green...but if it's nto what you want, send it back. But it really is pretty!!!