What color Bbag to get next? First or City?

  1. Hi gurls,

    the Bbag bug has been biting me again, and i'm contemplating on what to purchase next...this is what i currently have: a Greige day, Rouge vif work, ink weekender

    i wanna get a first or city next.... a smaller bag...

    but in what color?
    i wear alot of blacks, and thinking if i should get a black bbag or a colored one...
    i like violet but i think i prefer violet in brief.... and i need a smaller bag this time...
    i'm not a yellow person but surprisingly i've been really attracted to Jaune Marigold...

    any suggestions girls??

    thanks in advance
  2. Looks like you need a small bag. I'd go for the first! Jaune would be good. Pine might be nice as well.
  3. the first would be nice - how about ocean, that's really pretty
  4. Violet would be perfect in a First! Make sure and keep us posted!!!!
  5. hmmm... i prefer violet First to the jaune first... but if a city, then a jaune city rather than violet city... or how about next season? new magenta or BBG Pink sound/looks gorgeous!
  6. ahertz: mm... what is pine like...?

    alisonanna: ocean.... i've gotta look that color up

    elliemay: oo...yes violet first would be a killer

    addicted ali: thanks for the heads up, i didnt know there's a magenta coming next season =)
  7. Your collection could use a violet (first?) or something in the blue family (so many choices there..)
  8. should i add green to my collection?

    vert gazon first or black first?.... or jaune first? awww....tough tough

    is vert gazon a lot brighter than emerald? which is a prettier green?

    what does violet look best in...GGH brief, first, or city?

    how bout jaune....first or city?

  9. How about Plomb/Steel? You said that you wear a lot of Black and your signature said you wanted Black First, Black City, etc... Plomb/Steel would be a great alternative! :tup:
  10. Louisgal: plomb or steel? great idea~~~ =) thx