What CLs are you wearing today? (II)

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  1. Pigalle Plato 120mm, the height on these is ok since the platform takes away the pain...
    10.jpg 20.jpg
  2. OMG ! :eek::wtf::drool::panic::yahoo::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::blush::giggle::coolio:
  3. F044D7EB-6EFF-4A4E-9710-F05BEFEAA6C4.jpeg these have been in heavy rotation for the past week
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  5. Do you think wearing this is the same as wearing 100 mm? I’m debating between getting the new simple pump 120 or the fifille 100. I like the toe clevage on the fifille but can’t do 120 without a platform.
  6. So Kate Latte/Leo ombré IMG_2896.jpg
  7. Coming home from my father in law’s surprise retirement party. Wearing a loubiposh clutch with my pink loubies (I cannot remember the style of these). 7F12C3CD-FA8C-41B5-B03E-EBA915F67B54.jpeg EB8EB6B3-9C57-4E6F-BB55-599308BFD529.jpeg
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  8. Heading to my birthday dinner today :smile:
    2BaAIQygRFW7bC05uu7A4Q.jpg RCJFW5smQ4uiASiIoT+gSQ.jpg
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  9. Were the Louboutins a birthday present?
  10. no I got these 3 years ago. I did buy myself a pair of nude ones which I will be wearing Saturday for my celebration with friends. will post this weekend!
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  11. New to me So Kate in Lichen python. So in love with these!! IMG_1539615590.557200.jpg
  12. I am wearing So Kates today.

    Christian Louboutin So Kate 120 Pumps 606.jpg
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  13. Another new-to-me pair of python So Kates, these in Eveque Crystal! IMG_1539886581.791298.jpg