What CLs are you wearing today? (II)

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  1. My work favourites, 85mm Simples
  2. Some Booties
  3. So Kate 100mm booties
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  4. :eek::wtf::drool::yahoo::loveeyes::happydance::coolio:
  5. Who’s the cutie in the foreground?
  6. Gorgeous!
  7. :smile: my little fur baby, Gigi
  8. Love the booties loveydovey!!!
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  9. It's been forever since I posted in this thread. Glad to see some of my dear ole shoe buddies are still around! Here, my shoe choice a few days ago, the Moulakate bootie.
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  10. I forgot to list this yesterday. IMG_1005.jpg
  11. Wow, more importantly, tell us about the dress!!!....
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  12. I purchased it over the at a boutique in Beverly Hills. The designer is Fete Imperiale. The name of the dress is the Chloris Cotton Button Dress.
  13. Thank you....looks great on you......fortunately I am here in LA.....the hunt begins!....
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  14. Love those! Awesome boots!
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  15. It was a SS18 piece so you might have to google. The store is next to Guiseppe Zanotti.