What CLs are you wearing today? (II)

  1. My golden oldies: black nappa leather Lillian 120mm - basically a pair of Rolandos with three straps across the foot.
  2. Worn recently. Black leather So Kate 120mm.

    Christian Louboutin So Kate 120 Pumps 616.jpg
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  3. So Kate booties, really enjoying them
    New pic.jpg
  4. Yay!
  5. So Kate in Ballerina IMG_0063.jpg
  6. Those So Kate are beautiful. Love the color.
  7. In my red patent SK today
  8. I love So Kate model, because it's a mix of classic and sensual, always elegant and match with all kind of outfit. Red is a beautiful colour, too.
  9. Your shoes look lovely and the ballerina pose demi pointe is a great way to show them , Btw was you or are you still a dancer ?
  10. Love this!
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    1037FCA2-375B-45BA-9C18-76673DDED02A.jpeg 0726CB1D-221B-4DC4-8C1B-36EB01B74CDB.jpeg BE08B9CF-ABDF-4F84-9E30-0471716E5F1F.jpeg E3254114-0D92-46CF-BC22-FA41670DC566.jpeg B6EDBD20-F277-4B3D-970D-C33E190DB0FF.jpeg A71753C1-8289-4483-B857-74ECB7EB08BD.jpeg

    Shoe soles are always bleeding

    But attire is louie and underwear is by balenciaga

    Socks gucci