What Chanel bag Anne Hathaway carryng?

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  1. please, can anyone hep me to id this chanel bags??:flowers:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. From left:
    - Seems to me she's carrying a beige medium/large flap. I'm not sure if it's in caviar or lambskin but from the softness of the structure, it might be lamb.

    - That's a unique little clutch she has there. I don't have any intel on that, unfortunately. Need the others to come in!

    - In the 3rd pic, I think she's carrying a tweed flap. I'm not sure what kind of tweed material but it's definitely fabric.

  3. do you think the first is the same??:confused1:
    Ivory Chanel 2.55 with gold hardware.jpg

    this bag is Ivory Chanel 2.55 with gold hardware
  4. ^ Nope! I own the ivory medium flap and the color does not look like what she has in the first picture. It is beige, I believe, which is not dark white.