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  1. Okay, I really love the mono vernis line and I was looking at something that could hold my Samsung Blackjack phone (dimensions are about 4 inches X 2 inches).

    Would the key and change holder work for that? Or am I better off going with the flat pouch?

    Thanks for your input! I'm trying to get things in order before I go to the boutique next week.
  2. hmmm... I think even the pouch would be a tight squeeze....but other than this vernis doesn't have much accessories for phones.....:shrugs:
  3. I believe the flat pouch is sold out, could be wrong tho. I think the "key/change holder" would def. be too small for a phone. Vernis cles is very small. I have the pomme cles, and I can barely fit about 7-10 business cards. It might be able to fit a nano tho....:shrugs:
  4. Too bad they discontinued the cell phone holder. That was really cute.
  5. Thanks everyone for your answers. That helps me a lot with deciding what to try to get.:yes: