what can i wear w this?

  1. i'd say you can wear just about ANYTHING with it..it's actually pretty neutral so i don't see much of a problem with any color...pretty bag!
  2. yepp... i'd say you can go with any colour.
    but i think especially blue shades, pink/rose shades, green, beige and white would look great with that bag.
  3. [​IMG]

    It is a very nice bag! You can wear this with anything, IMO.
  4. You can wear anything with that bag. It's very versatile!
  5. Brown is a very neutral color for a handbag, which makes it very easy to decide on outfits and colors to wear with it. You can wear anything with that. Cute bag, btw!
  6. i think you can do a lot with this bag. you can totally dress it up and wear it to work, or i think it would be cute with skinny jeans and nice flats, it would even be cute with sweats. as for color, i do have a rule with brown bags, never wear with black. other than that, baby blue, all shades of pink, greens, browns, khaki, white (& off white)....the list goes on :smile: