what can i get with $650 at Chanel? p.s. how much is wallet on chain?

  1. i have store credit for chanel, wondering how much a wallet on a chain is~:heart: thanks
  2. A wallet or shoes.

    It is hard to find anything under $2000 with Chanel.
  3. yeah i realize that, thats why i was eyeing these earrings, or maybe get wallet on a chain and use the credit towards that purchase :biggrin:
  4. I think wallet on a chain was somewhere around $1300.
  5. thanks :smile:
  6. you could get one of those nice camellia wallets.
  7. the lambskin wallet on a chain is 1450.. the gold reissue one is 1350 i believe
  8. hmm...maybe i'll get the wallet on chain..gonna go there tmr and see what's available :wlae:
  9. a nice wallet
    maybe some cute sunglasses & jewelry
  10. maybe a nice a pair of earrings?
  11. either jewls or shoes?
  12. I think with $650 you can have sunnies, wallet, necklace/bracelet, or shoes.
  13. yea the wallet on a chain is 1350.

    but try other wallets. i think some basic ones around 550 -650 before taxes.
  14. hope u get something nice -keep us posted!