What can a Bambinone hold?

  1. I was thinking, since a Bambinone is cheaper, maybe I'll get one...Anyone have one that can tell me what it can hold, if you like it, maybe some pictures of one...? (Paradiso, preferably, as that's what I've got my eye on...) Thanks!
  2. Do you mean a bambino or bambinone? Because the bambinone is the same price as a MM and some other bags... A bambinone holds quite a bit for a medium-sized bag, I think. I thought it was too small for me, but I tried it on and it's a good size. I'd guess it holds as much as a bella or bella bella...
  3. i had a bambinone and this is what i carried in mine, as well as a regular sized digital camera. they really hold a LOT!
  4. I have one and yes it can hold a good amount. But the only thing I dislike is that the zipper sometimes gets caught on the piece of fabric that is in the middle of the two sections. I almost had to rip mine open the other day.

    resin - oh I so love your playground denaro.
  5. i had the same problem with the stupid zipper getting stuck in the middle as well :/ i eventually sold it because i wanted a print on the outside. i also sold my denaro because i needed cash for a playground campeggio on eBay. :[
  6. i just started using my spiaggia bambinone this week and OMG it holds SOOOOOOO much stuff in those 2 little sections, you'd be surprised how many times ive had to dig around to find my keys all week! i kept losing things in it! it may look tiny, but its like a teeny bag black hole! lol
  7. I really want one now! lolz. I always thought since it was small it didn't hold much... i better put one hold.
  8. I preordered the Tutti bambinone and denaro... As cute as I find the bambinone at the stores, I wonder how much I'll like really wearing it? I'm not used to bags with such long straps. And it's pretty long even when put at it's shortest length...
  9. i luv long straps! especially when you have to carry a lot of stuff and have your hands full, you can swing it over across your chest....its also really great when you are in a dicey area, and need extra security that someone won't just snatch your purse. at the same time, i hate bags with no zippered pockets....WHAT ARE THEY THINKING????? making such crap????? i know someone who had her wallet pick-pocketed a long time ago at a mall cus she neglected to zip her purse up!
  10. See, I can't do the whole "across your chest" thing because my chichi balls (as my preschoolers put it) are way too big and messenger bags look absolutely dumb on me, completely separating the boobages. *lol*
  11. I was surprised at how much my bambinone could hold too! & it never looked overstuffed :heart: Since I don't have a pic, I'll list :smile:

    1. denaro
    2. checkbook
    3. pen for checkbook
    4. coupon case (not that big, checkbook size)
    5. 2 or 3 MAC lipglasses
    6. 1 lipstick
    7. 1 tinted lip conditioner
    8. keys
    9. phone
    10. compact
    11. mini skinny for cards (denaro isn't enough room for mine)
    12. 20count bottle of aleve
    13. birth control pills
    14. pack of gum
    15. victoria's secret beauty rush lipgloss :smile:
    yes, i'm a packrat!

  12. LOL.

    i have the same problem. and for some reason i just cant bring myself to like the bambinone enough to buy one. but seriously, i feel your pain x[
  13. So it isn't possible to just like, wear it on one shoulder? Is the strap THAT long?

    And would a Bambinone be better than a Ciao Ciao for everyday purposes? Like going to the movies, library, casual things? Or would a ciao ciao be better for that?

    BTW: Could someone post some reference shots from the side? I know Bubblesung has that reference post, but I'd appreciate a few more. This'll be my last bag most probably, so I'd love you guys forever if you could help me with this! :biggrin:
  14. LAST BAG? i wish i could do it.... i must get them all!!! :lol:

    i thought the bambinone looked really cute, but at it's shortest strap length, it was almost at my waist (if i can remember correctly). i like shorter straps. but if you're going to wear it cross body like the ciao ciao, it should be perfect. lots of ppl find the ciao ciao to be too big and flat. i guess it depends on the style u like. if u can, try to go to a store that sells these two styles and try it on. i personally love the ciao ciao. i have it in foresta and am going to get it for pirata and vacanze.
  15. Could you post a reference picture of both of them next to each other/on a person? I'd super appreciate it. >_< So hard picking a last bag...I know it'll be in Paradiso, just don't know what bag it should be...