What came before Chanel?

  1. With regard to high-end bags, what preceded your wonderful descent into Chanel-land?
    Did anyone start with Chanel?
    I actually came across this forum because of Chanel – I was preparing to buy my first ever Chanel, the 2005 medium reissue in grey, and was researching it online. This forum gave me soooo much info, and I bought the reissue!
    Before that, I bought Louis Vuitton and a bit of Gucci. Now, when I can buy bags, it’s mainly Chanel (with a bit of Bottega Veneta thrown in) ~~
    How about you?
  2. Mainly Louis Vuitton
  3. gucci and lv, more on gucci...but i do love LV accessories still, especially wallets.
  4. Same -- Lv and Gucci. Still love LV.
  5. It's funny that Chanel reissue was the reason I found tPF. But when I got here, I was so overwhelmed that I hid out in the Balenciaga forum for a while. MJ was my very first love before tPF, then I explored Gucci, then Balenciaga, then I finally ventured into Chanel again last fall, and hasn't left since!
  6. ^^^me too! MJ then Balenciaga then Chanel.
  7. I used to into LV big time, I also have a lot of Chloe (which I still love:heart: ), and the random Dior, MJ....blah, blah, blah.......

    But Chanel is my favorite :yes:
  8. First was the green Army/Navy surplus messenger bags. Stop laughing, it's true. I graduated to Coach while friends were doing the Dooney Burke thing; I'm trying hard not to go yuck but I have the first sentence down so. . . My first Chanel was the bucket bag which I found in an upscale consignment shop. The day I walked into the Chanel boutique I was smitten and mesmerized both by the bags and fantasy weave jackets. I own two 60's Pucci bags, a few newer ones, but Chanel owns my heart :smile:
  9. LV, Balenciaga, Gucci, Fendi but now it is only Chanel.
  10. MJ and Gucci. I still love Gucci , Im not a monogram girl though. . My aunt always wears Chanel , so I would always admire her bags. I wasnt into the classic flap bags, I love the patent blush !!!! I love all bags but new style Chanels are catching my eye . Chanel now apeals to everyone ,all ages, styles and looks.
  11. My very first pricey bag was a chanel and it was a gift, I have been hooked even before that. I bought some LV, Gucci, etc. but my fav. is Chanel.
  12. Lv
  13. Louis Vuitton...I did like Dior for a bit, but then I was unimpressed with the quality so I made the change to Chanel...*finally* and I have been rapidly spending money ever since =(
  14. going WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back to high school {13 yrs ago} my exact path was:
    D&B - tradional old British Tan large drawstring bag
    then Coach
    then Burberry
    then Gucci
    then LV
    and my final resting place.
  15. Gucci, then LV, and now Chanel:supacool: