What brown bags do you ladies own? looking for the perfect brown bag

  1. i'm looking for a brown bag (or 2..one perhaps more formal and one more for everyday, slouchier, perhaps?) up until now black has always been my go to neutral color and i'm just now realizing I need brown bags! any and all suggestions welcome
  2. I have a chocolate Hayden Harnett Nico and a Cocoa HH Triple Strap...both of which I love. Also have a brown Cole Haan and a brown Coach.
  3. try Mulberry
  4. Well, I was having the same dilemma and this is what I came up with ....
    this is next on my list as soon as it comes in, for the more "formal" one:
    Chanel Cerf Tote

  5. This is my current everyday, slouchy bag:


    but it may have to go soon as I just bought this .....
  6. Here's a better pic, I think ...
    Balenciaga 05 Chocolate City

  7. I have too many brown bags! My current favorite is like this one:
    This pic is from the Saks website. I like this one because there is a lighter brown with a redish tint, and a really dark chocolate brown. Kind of covers all the bases.

  8. I really like that one. Actually I like them all. What a great thread. I've been trying to find the perfect brown bag as well.
  9. My favourite brown bags are my Fendi Spy in Chocolate and my LV Onatah pochette, also a lovely deep brown. Good luck with your search! :smile:
  10. What's your budget, please?
  11. My favorite refined one is a Bulga Ruched Crescent in hazel. For slouchy, I'm thinking of getting either a Moni Moni Savanna or Splendor in caramel, or a Tano Butane Jane.
  12. the only brown bags I own are an LV Mono Speedy 25, Damier Tribeca Long & a Damier Marais.
  13. i'm obsessed with this color:


    both rebecca minkoff in glazed espresso.