What Brands/Designers put Letters on their bags....

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  1. What Brands/Designers put Letters all over their bags... Please list as many as you can think of. I'm trying to figure out a bag I saw a girl wearing today.

    It had letters all over it.
  2. coach
  3. Db
  4. Michael Kors
  5. Fendi zucca bags have "F"s all over too..
  6. Akademiks & some LAMB
  7. mbmj has a line with his name all over the bag
  8. Some Givenchy has "G"s all over...
  9. thanks! keep them coming if you think of any.. especially any that have the letters J and U in the name!
  10. Juicy?
  11. MbMJ
  12. vintage dior have dior all over the surface
  13. MCM

    MCM - German Company (founded in 1976 by Michael Cromer Munich and purchased and renamed Mode Creation Munich a few years ago)
  14. Xoxo
  15. chanel