What Bottega Veneta are you carrying *today* ?

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  1. Making the swap tonight to my noce pyramid, we are promised clear (but COLD) weather tomorrow, and should warm up by the end of the week. For me this always means time to bring out the BV! :yahoo:

    I did a search and didn't see this kind of thread in our section -- many of the other boards have a thread like this! So hey if you carried BV today, chime in!
  2. Everyday I wear atleast one small piece of BV! Today it was baltic 2 strand knot bracelet and ebano classic ballet flats! Also currently using ferro sloane for the week!
  3. My Ferro Sloane. I never want to put it down!
  4. My Ferro Sloane too :yes: even though I'm not supposed to get it for another week :graucho: My DH is a softy :heart:
  5. My pleated veneta in baltic! L-O-V-E this bag!
  6. Moro New Pyramid :heart:
  7. Poudre cocker
  8. I'm switching from my stamped studded nero veneta to my noce braided handle tote this morning.
  9. My toss and go everyday bag.....ebano Veneta.
  10. My nero campana.
  11. Medium Ottone Cabat
  12. Ebano Campana
  13. Scala Pyramid :tup:
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  14. Nero Sloane! Until my newest addition arrives tomorrow...
  15. carried my ferro new pyramid all weekend. what a GREAT bag!

    LT bag lady - looking forward to your latest!
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