What boots are these?

  1. Does anyone know what boots these are? Are they still available?

  2. I don't know but I love them.
  3. Those are the "Bourge" boots. Very hard to find now; the few stores that had them at the beginning of the season are mostly all sold out by now.
  4. See I though that they were the bourge boots but I don't really see a platform... don't the bourge boots have a platform?
  5. The boots with the platform are the "Garibaldi Zeppa" (the holy grail of CL boots, as made famous by Ashley Olsen & Xtina) and the "Bourge Zeppa" (also a great great boot if you can get it in black calf leather). Xtina has both the "Bourge" (as pictured above) and the "Garibaldi Zeppa" (the round-toe, Bruges-shaped platform knee-high boot).
  6. ^^^ okay thanks!! Hmm I love these but I am sad that they aren't available
  7. Oh ok...now i see the difference! I think I really want the bourges! I wonder if they will ever pop up at a reasonable price...
  8. Noegirl - the bourge is currently available at Saks and BG in NY. I just recently picked up a pair and tried on 3 different sizes so I know that 8 - 9 size range is still available. If the Saks in NY doesn't have them, they can locate a pair for you. They have them in black and an espresso brown, I prefer the brown color. They are classic and beautiful, and extremely comfy!
  9. I should also add that the CL boutique in the Meatpacking district also has them in black. I believe they are $1325. I am sure that after the holidays they will be marked down. I got a pair of Bourges boots in a luggage/orange color from last year that were marked down 40%.
  10. OMG!! Thank you! How are they sized? I am a US 8
  11. Oh and that 40% off is right up my alley! Will they be marked down at all stores? I have about $500 in gift cards from Saks and NM which is why I ask LOL
  12. I sized up one full size but that is mainly because of my calfs, I have big calfs so I need the extra room in the shaft.
    When they get marked down, they will get marked down at each Saks. Not sure if NM has them because I don't shop there, but BG has them but that is only one store. My recommendation is to get them a few days before Christmas, this way once they get marked down, you can just get a price adjustment. But confirm this with an SA so you don't end up paying full price.
    That's what I do with all the purchases I make that are late in the season and I know are about to go on sale, if you wait until the actual sale or pre-sale starts, they will likely be all gone at that point.
  13. I also have big calfs but my cobbler told me he can stretch them. I will contact my Saks SA and find out! Do you suggest going at least a 1/2 size up?
  14. Also what do I tell my SAKS SA... will they know bourge boots? or do I need an item #