What books did you grow up reading?

  1. I was just thinking about this, and I don't know if anyone has ever started this thread.

    When I was growing up I was crazy about the Sweet Valley series by Francine Pascal :biggrin:. I started with the Sweet Valley Kids books, then progressed to Sweet Valley Twins and Friends -- including all the Magna, Super, Super Chiller and Unicorn Club Editions -- then eventually moved on to Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University. There was a big bookstore that rented out all these books, and I would rent one for every day of the week every single week :shame:.

    I was also nuts for the Enid Blyton books :yes:. Some of you may not know of her, but she was a British children's author who wrote about fairies and magic and stuff like that between the 1920s - 1950s. She wrote the Malory Towers and St. Clare's boarding school series, and also the Famous Five, Secret Seven, Mystery and Adventure series. My mom had all those books when she was a kid, and she passed them all down to me :girlsigh:.

    And of course, I read all the fairytales -- Hans Christian Andersen, Brothers Grimm, Aesop's Fables -- and the classics -- Alexandre Dumas, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, etc. I still read all these books, and given my chance I'd go back to Francine Pascal and Enid Blyton (whose Malory Towers and St. Clare's books I'm in the process of collecting again) :love:. Did I mention I'm 22:roflmfao:?

    And now I'm in the Harry Potter craze :lol:. I own and have read every single book many times, and I'm dying for the last book to be launched :sos:.

    Because I loved to read so much, I would read everywhere -- at the dinner table, in the car, at school in between classes, and I've lost sleep over many books.
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  2. I used to read Judy blume, lurlene Mcdaniel, and babysitters series.
  3. Berenstein Bears when I was a child then that morphed into pocketbooks such as the Sweet Valley series, Fear Street series by R.L. Stine, and also The Babysitters Club series.
  4. OMG i totally forgot about R.L. Stine too! i loved the Fear Street and Fear Street Sagas. i actually started out with the Goosebumps books :yes:.
  5. I read all those Sweet Valley series that you read. I loved Jessica Wakefield!

    I read Babysitters Club too. And I think when I was even younger than that I liked Pee Wee Scouts.
  6. Horror books of all kinds. Around 11 or so I started reading Stephen King, Dean R Koontz and the like.
  7. Lurlene McDaniel books --- my school librarian hated them. she always said i was read "death books" and tried to get me to read other stuff...but i wouldn't have it haha

    Babysitters Club

    Sweet Valley High

    I couldn't read Goosebumps cause I would really get scared haha
  8. enid blyton def. , i love mallory towers, st. claire etc. and i also read hc andersen. and my all time favourites, roald dahl's books. i even read them over and over again till now.
  9. OMG same here yeuxhonnetes I grew up reading all the Sweet Valley High books. SVH, SVK, SVU, SVT, you name it. I still have them all :P My friends and I even made up a name for our clique called Sweet Valley Sixers . I was Jessica and my bestfriend at the time is Elizabeth :shame: We were completely obsessed.
  10. um. anything with words?

    i've seriously had my nose in a book from the time i was 6 until....well, now. :supacool:

    my first books once i got into "chapter books" were nancy drew, sweet valley high, baby sitters club...around 3rd grade i moved on to newberry award winners, ANYTHING to do with horses (marguite henry anyone?), Avi, rahl dahl (LOVED matilda...i still read it at least 3x a year. my copy is so dog earred!), all the james harrod books (i mean all...even the short story collections and specific animal anthologies). i was on a biography/history kick in the upper elemetary grades and in middle school i discovered the classics: jane austen, bronte sisters, etc. :love:

    over the years, i think i've actually read waaaaay more kids books than adult books. i love re reading good stories...it's like visiting old friends. makes me feel safe. silly, but true. i've also realized you miss a lot the first time around. i realize now that even though i could understand the words, i didn't always have the experience to "get" some of it. like i specifically remember reading part of a judy blume book when i was 7 or 8 and thinking "why is this girl so freaked out about the end of a sentance coming?" when i read about periods. :shame::lol:

    besides, there was no harry potter/artemis fowl/etc. when i was younger...so i have to read it now. :biggrin:

    oh and interesting tidbit about me: i only buy a bag if a standard size paperback will fit in it.:yes:
  11. Laura Ingalls Wilder
    Jack London
    Charles Dickens
    Beverly Cleary
  12. I was such a book nerd as a kid. The ones that I can most clearly remember are:

    The Narnia Series
    The American Girl Series (Kirstin and Samantha!!)
    The Babysitters Club
    Nancy Drew
    Rebecca of Sunnybrooke Farms
    Cynthia Voigt books
  13. i didn't read narnia until college!! i can't believe i missed that one as a kid. :love:

    and american girls! i loved samantha! and molly. those were the two i read....they have SO many now! there's seriously like 10 different little girls they follow. they had these beautiful hardbound anthologies at costco a couple months ago with each girl's entire set of stories. it was so hard to put that one down.
  14. I loved it when they made a Made-for-TV Samantha movie. I've always loved Samantha :smile: I've even got her as a doll, lol :smile:
  15. yes I was another Enid Blyton fan (and my daughter is reading them at the moment!)
    I loved the famous five best, then all of the mallory towers books, and I loved the faraway tree series too.

    I also loved the book Manxmouse by Paul Callico, it was fabulous.