what black bag do you own?

doulosforhim said:
another charlotte yeah!!!!
i ahd a fendi spy in black and was so happy to have found it, but it was defective and had to return it.:sad2: but i could see myself using it everyday though. no one has any right now though.

thanks for sharing. the stam is gorgeous too.

Just wanted to let you know that the black spy is available on saks.com!

Sorry - I just noticed someone else posted this too!

For me - I own a ton of black bags. I use my botkier trigger, and balanciaga city. Also my kooba lucy.
I have my black epi petite noe and my black city balenciaga. I like the balenciaga a bit more bc you can dress it up or down, unlike the epi noe which is just more dressy and classy.
I don't actually carry a black bag as my everyday bag (my wardrobe calls out from browns more, I think). But my go-to black bags are a MJ black Stella (I use it as a work tote) and a MJ black Stam, for going out.
I went with a Sigrid Olsen I found on sale. The leather is great, the strap is very comfy, and it opens up like a dream. The latest version has some stitching through the middle of the strap, and there's no more stitching on the edges, but at least the price hasn't gone up ($148 SRP).
I had to make myself buy a black bag. I don't know who, but all of my bags end up in any color other tan black. I have a black BR, Coach and 2 coach wallets. Now I actually found a bag that i like in the balck the Large Gucci horsebit, or a Chanel, but i would take a Chanel in any color!
My black bag is my large gucci horsebit hobo in black leather. I LOVEVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEE that bag. I am 5'9 (and I love heels) so I believe I can carry it off pretty well. I will probably get another one in the near future. I am debatin on whether it should be the off white or the blue guccissima.
I have a black box (balenciaga) and a Carlos Falchi baby barrel; both of which I am trying to sell.

I also have a Chloe Silverado Dr Bag; but, I want to sell it or trade it for a black City. ;)


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Kat said:
It's the bag on the right. It has white contrast stitching and silvertone hardware. It has three main compartments ... two that zipper and the middle on has a magnetic snap. It's a great everyday bag.

i am loving the blake. oh my so many beautiful black bags.
dceneus said:
If you are referring to no one having the fendi spy in black, SAKS does on line. You can order it there now. And I believe the coupon code in SHOPMAR (Correct me if I am wrong about the coupon). It gives you %10 off.

outstanding;) thanks. will check them out. thanks for the coupon code.;)