what black bag do you own?

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  1. i still have not decided on an everyday bag ( i know i must decide soon before the next collection comes out).
    i thought i wanted the chanel reissue, but honestly can't see myself spending all that $$$$ on one bag:wacko: i do love it though:love: but i don't think you can use it everyday. have read that the grey is delicate.

    i wanted to see what black everyday bag members have. can you post pictures?

  2. Shoot I don't think I even HAVE a basic black bag. I was hoping to get a Charlotte if my husband ever goes to London again.
  3. i have seen the charlotte on previous threads, its beautiful.
  4. YOu def right about reissue not for everyday bag. I def will choose other beautiful bag. I will try to look at some other bags and if I see some nice one, I will post pics. Errr how much are willing to spend on this bag? That's if you don't mind me asking.
  5. I have a charlotte, coach hobo, and a fendi in black, oh and a stam!
  6. thanxs sooo much:lol: :lol: :lol: .
    1500.00 the most. thats a reasonable amount right?for a great bag?
  7. I was thinking about getting that Banana Republic tote too. I need to get a coupon though!
  8. another charlotte yeah!!!!
    i ahd a fendi spy in black and was so happy to have found it, but it was defective and had to return it.:sad2: but i could see myself using it everyday though. no one has any right now though.

    thanks for sharing. the stam is gorgeous too.
  9. use by march 15th, enter SPRINGBR abd get 15% of 75.00 or have the cashier enter code 240 in the store.;)
  10. where did you get the charlotte, and may i ask how much?
  11. My favorate black bag that can be used almost everyday is my Chanel Black Cambon tote.
  13. My all time most used bag is the Chanel Ligne Cambon Flap tote...LOVE IT!! (Black with black c's)its my all time fav!but it was 1625.00-however I happened to have a friend who worked for a certain major company who carries it...and got it 43% off....love!