What beauty treatments do you do yourself, and what do you have done?

  1. And what do you skip altogether? ;)

    Things I do myself-

    Hair masks
    Body scrubs
    Manis, lately - I just keep them short, neat and bare. I used to go for weekly pro manis but it's hard to make the time every week.
    All hair removal except eyebrows (bikini line, etc.)

    Things I have done professionally-

    Pedis (every 3 weeks when it's not sandal season - every 2 weeks in summer.)
    Brows - I get them threaded. It hurts me so much more when I try to pluck each hair myself, threading is faster and less painful for me.
    Haircuts - not talented enough to do this myself lol!

    Things I skip-

    Tanning - I like being pale.
    Hair color - I'm OK with my natural color and I'm too young to have grey hair.
    Facials - my skin is clear naturally, and it gets angry at me when I try to mess with it.
  2. Things I do myself-

    Facials- like my own scrubs and masks
    Body Scrubs
    Manis- i also keep them short and bare, manicured and clean.
    Eyebrows- I just pluck them, Its easy and I pluck only the hairs I want gone.

    Things I do Professionally-

    Pedis- Every 2 weeks
    Hair Cuts
    Hair Color- No gray, Just keeping it darker

    Things I skip-

    Tanning- No wrinkled skin here
  3. Things I do myself-

    Body scrub
    Manis and Pedis-I just dont have the time to go get it done. But I will when its special occasion
    All hair removal

    Things I have done professionally-

    Haircuts-But I do trim my bangs when I need to
    Facials-But not too often, only when I feel I need it...maybe every 3 months??

    Things I skip-

    Tanning-I've never been big on tanning, but I just bought Jergens self tanner lotion, been using it almost a week and am noticeably darker and NOT orange-I love it.
    Hair color-I dont care to change my hair color. I have "virgin hair" as my stylist calls it lol.
  4. Things I do myself:

    Body Scrubs
    I trim the ends of my hair sometimes.
    all hair removal, but i get my eyebrows waxed.

    Things I get done:
    I get my eyebrows waxed.
    Proper hair cuts/color
    Manis, not often tho

    Things I skip:
    I've never used a tanning bed or a spray tan, i do use fake tan tho but i'd rather have a natural tan.
    I've never had a pedi in my life, i just cut my toe nails and paint them.
  5. Things I do myself:
    mani/pedis (unless its for an event)
    scrubs for face and body (i like to make my own)
    mini-facials in between professional ones
    hair removal

    Things I get done:
    hair cuts/color
    eyebrow shaping
    facials every 4 to 5 weeks at the dermatologist

    Things I skip:
    I would never use a tanning bed (or even bake in the sun. Irish tans just don't work)
  6. Things I do myself:
    Body Scrubs
    LEg, underarm hair removal
    usually do my own manis/ rarely pedis - I like to make time to get nails done at least once a month

    Things I get done:
    whole face threaded
    hair cuts/color
    usuuallly manis/pedis
    eyelash perm a month/2 months
    facials -try to once a month
    netheregion waxing and all others i have not mentioned

    Things I skip:
    tanning beds and the sort- beach for me! :p

    .....I don't think myself competent enough to do things myself. I think I would die without all my help LOL. now that I list a few of the beauty treatments I go whew its hard being a girl
  7. things i do myself...
    .hair removal
    .body scrubs

    things i have done are..
    .mani/pedi every 3 weeks i'm out to sea alot
    .my eyebrows
    .hair salon every 2 -3 weeks to wash
    every 6 weeks for a relaxer (you not want to see my hair w/o it)curly

    things i skip...
    i'm dark no need for a tan;)
  8. i give myself mini-facials pretty much every other day and everything else i get done elsewhere - facials every other month, mani/pedi/eyebrows every 2-3 weeks, haircut every 3 months
  9. Things I do myself:
    spray tan
    mini facials
    tooth whitening
    hair color
    hair removal

    Things I have done:
    mani/pedi (a few times a year)

    Things I skip:
    can't think of any :confused1:
  10. Things I do myself
    facial scrub
    facial mask
    hair mask
    body scrub
    foot mask

    Things I get done
    mani & pedi
    haircut & hair treatment
  11. Do Myself:FacialsMani/PediBrow tweezingBody hair removalSalt body scrubsHave Done:Hair colorHair cutHair styleMassage (occasionally)Skip:Tanning (my skin color is tan)
  12. What I have done: Hair color, hair style, brow wax, acrylic nails, pedis
    What I do: facials, other hair removal, body scrubs
    I skip: tanning salons - I get my color during summer and vacations, no way do I step foot into a tanning bed
  13. Great thread!

    Things I do myself:
    mani occasionally (depends)
    pedi occasionally (also depends. I run and skate a lot and my feet get so thrashed it almost is not worth spending a lot on a pedi
    facials (monthly)

    What I get done:
    hair cut and highlights
    bikini wax
    french mani
    pedi (not as often, but a few x's a year)
    eyebrow wax & tint
    facial/steaming twice a year

    What I avoid:
    tanning - I love my porcelain skin...are you kidding me I'm of scottish heritage so I'm pasty white year 'round, LOL!
  14. What I do:
    Facials (not as often as I would like, tho)
    Root touch-ups
    Eye-brow & under-arm tweezing, & all other hair removal
    Mani's and Pedi's
    - never enjoyed having mani's & pedi's done professionally; sometimes they cut too much of the skin on the side of my nails, I hate that!

    What I get done:
    All-over colour at the salon
    - have been going to my hairdresser for 15+ yrs now! I hope she never retires! I'd be lost!

    What I don't do:
    Purposely tan
    - I used to just sit and bake, but not any more. I'll tan while I'm biking, and that's most of the summer; I'll have a nice glow. I'm appreciating my fare skin now bec when I travelled to Manila I was stared at so much in the malls, they thought I was a celebrity or something. (I'm not Filipino; just Chinese/English/Norwegian)
  15. What I do:

    -Manicure (I actually enjoy doing it. I also give it to my friends!)
    -Facial scrubs/masks
    -Hair treatments
    -Hair removal

    What I get done:

    -Hair coloring (I have some grays and get bored way too easily with the same hair color for a couple of months)
    -Pedicures (I'm great at manis but can't handle feet for some reason). I don't even get pedis often. Just during sandal season.

    What I won't do:

    -Any kind of tanning. I like my fair skintone!! It's what I most get compliments for.