What BE are you wearing today?

  1. Love your Charm Me midi in gray matte. The lining is great love the blah blah blah. What a fabulous bag.
  2. Larke, this is your bumblebee bag. I like the yellow and black combo!
  3. Thanks to a gentle reminder from a friend, casual bag in aubergine sheen!:biggrin:
  4. Moving into raspberry chevre Inspire Me Mini
  5. Turquoise sheen Stroke Me.
  6. Medium purple matte Love Me Midi (with rolled straps)
  7. Red Paris tote midi :love::love:
  8. MMS mini in Choco crash is out with me today...
  9. Stroke Me medium in petrol is out with me today...this was my first BE bag...first BEC....so it has a special place in my :heart:
  10. Be Mine Mini in red sheen!
  11. Teal chevre Rio.
  12. Raspberry chevre Inspire Me Mini
  13. Fango Chevre Bucket Bag.
    TPF Shoulder.jpg
  14. An I'm Yours Tote in petrol that I bought in July 2008 - my very first BE. It's still gorgeous.
  15. Tomato red pebbled Charm Me, full size. Miss Cha-Cha. I carry her more than I ever thought I would. Wish I'd chosen a different lining, though. The lighter beige gets dirty fast. Cleans up easily, however, since it's Scotch-guarded. I've also been carrying Goldie quite a bit, a full Love Me in mottled gold.
    Christmas tree to remind myself it can't possible stay this HOT forever. :sweatdrop: