What bags are made with silver hardware?

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  1. Hi you all,

    I thought it would be good to list the bags that you can find with silver hardware. I don't like the new ones with gold and I have no idea what to look for with silver.

    Here is a start for the list:

    Chocolate Mabel
    Black Antony (outlet)
    Grey Jacob

    There probably is lot more, can you all help?
  2. Black Poppy Satchel
    Black Poppy Bag
  3. Denim mabel
    black maggie
    green somerset tote
  4. The wrinkled patent Darias have the plaque in silver . So do the Spazz Bayswaters & Ledburys.
  5. My burgundy Antony has silver hardware, and you can get the Somerset shoulder bags with it too
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    My spring summer 08 season ledbury has silver hardware with the newer type postmans lock
  7. Mustard Antony, Poppy hobo, small Poppy
  8. Rose Soho & white Soho have silver hardware too!
  9. My Large Poppy has silver H/W
  10. Black patent bayswater
  11. Black tumbled grain leather somerset shoulder bag
  12. E/W white Bays, too - as I come to think of it...
  13. Aqua mabel
  14. Thanks for your help.

    So far we have:
    Mabel denim, chocolate and aqua
    Antony black, burgundy and mustard
    Grey Jacob
    Black Poppy Satchel
    Black Poppy Bag
    Poppy hobo, small Poppy
    Large Poppy
    Black maggie
    Green somerset tote
    Wrinkled patent Daria
    Spazz Bayswaters & Ledburys
    Somerset shoulder bags
    Spring summer 08 season ledbury
    Soho white and rose
    Black patent bayswater
    Black tumbled grain leather Somerset
    E/W white Bays


  15. Me and DD both have the choc tumbled grain mini Somerset pouch with silver h/w