what bag should i bring to ny fashion week.

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  1. :yahoo: i am so happy. i just got in the mail today vip ticket for fashion week next week. i am so happy. its for tory burch. which louis bag should i bring.:yahoo:
  2. what bags are in your collections??

    so excited for you..
  3. Hope you have a wonderful time!
  4. yey! I know you will have an awesome time!

    Give us your LV inventory so we can help you pic out what to take!
  5. Ohhhh. Congrats, Yeah...tell us your LV inventory so we can choose one for you!
  6. :yes:
  7. Well, what are you going to be wearing :p

    I guess it depends on whether you choose the bag first then an outfit to complement it, or the other way around!

    Are you going to wear something from Tory Burch's collection?
  8. tell us what you have... OR better yet get a new one for the occasion!!
  9. congrats!!!
    what will you be wearing, and what bags do you have?
  10. Lol she didnt tell us her bags OR what she was wearing!!! I wanna know!
  11. Congrats! How fun....I think you're going to need more than one!
  12. If you have one, a miroir ;)
  13. yay! let us know what you have so that we can help you!
  14. How exciting!
  15. omg wow! tory burch is my favorite designer! i am so jealous i can't see straight! what day? i'll walk by. lol