What bag is this?

  1. My friend tells me about the new classic, in distressed skin like the Reissue, but instead of the twist-buckle, it has the vintage Chanel metal plate in front with "CHANEL" inscribed. I haven't seen this before. Does anyone know which one she is talking about? Sounds like a dream!
  2. I haven't seen that. At first I thought maybe the Rock-chic bag, but it does not sound like it.
  3. Is that the modern chain flap?
  4. maybe it's from the paris-new york line? i know most of those bags featured a relatively large metal plate...
  5. M/C doesn't have a Chanel tag/plate on the front.
  6. ^^I thought of the PNY too, I have a wallet, except it doesn't say Chanel on it either, although it does have the CC in between the P and the NY.
  7. I asked if it was the P & NY but she said no, just CHANEL on the plate, plus it is shy in gold or silver. If it is a new line for 2007 I'll be so delighted!