What bag is this?

  1. Looks like a large bleecker duffle in maybe british tan to me.

    ETA: Wait, I think it's something else but I don't know what! Looks like a Bleecker and it could even be walnut. I don't know the other bags well enough though in this collection. It's pretty! Someone will know what it is!
  2. That is the Legacy Thompson Hobo, it retails for about $600
  3. OK, so I totally suck at this tonight! Normally I'm pretty good at this! I think this is a Thompson bag. This is it from the drilldown:


    ETA: Thanks Primadonna for enlightening me! It looks great in the pic!
  4. But, here's the side view of the hobo:

    Does the other side look differently?
  5. Another possibility:


    See the buckles on the side? This is 11424.
  6. Ding, Ding, Ding! tlloveshim, you're right again!:tup:

    This is the Bleecker Felicia Duffle, it was available in Whiskey and Black!
  7. someone please tell me its still available, i think im in love?
  8. It might not be available at COACH, but I have seen this bag within the past week in 2 Macy's stores in MD, VA. If you call Macy's with the style number, they should be able to search for store availablity for you. Good Luck, she's pretty and roomy!
  9. how do i get the style number and whats the price??
  10. i found it , its the felicia ,
    thanks everyone for your help , i really appreciate it!