What bag is she carrying in this photo from the Sartorialist blog?

  1. xxxxxx
    see photo below for reference and photo credit.
    (Click on the link that says "Show Original Post" and then on the link that says "photo.")

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I asked the same thing! It's a cute bag.

    Here's the picture:
    photo credit: Sartorialist blog
  3. I love that bag. Please someone, tell us!
  4. It looks like Marc by MJ but don't know if it is. Haven't seen it before. Sure is cute though!
  5. Her coat is from Victoria's Secret! It's cute.
  6. Please let us know who makes it!!!
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  8. If the picture is from someone's blog, wouldn't it be easier to leave her a message and ask?
    Really is a cute bag!
  9. ^^Well no since the person's blog that it's from just takes picture of people "on the street" - the photo is not of the blogger - it's just of a fashionable girl on the street.

    Still looking for information!
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    help ppppllleeeaaassseee....
  11. looks like a marc by marc jacobs...
  12. The MJ girls can't place it though. That was my first though too.
  13. Very curious. I posted the original question and then edited it. Now I come back to find that "Swanky Mama of 3" "last edited" my post, and the hyperlink has been removed. Can anyone explain what is going on? Thanks.
  14. ^^weird! What did you say?
  15. The post is the same, except the link I had has been replaced by xxxxx. Also, I can no longer edit my original post. I have to say, I am the member of many other forums (some tech related) on the Web, and I have never experienced something like this.