What bag is she carrying at the Cannes Film Festival?

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  1. I came across this picture and noticed she is carrying a LV but have no idea what style this is. At first I thought it was the Recital but then I looked closer, the recital don't have the detachable strap.
    Any ideas girls?

    Shermine Sharivar attends the De Grisogono party at Eden Rock during the 60th International Cannes Film Festival on May 22, 2007 in Antibes, France.
  2. I think it's either a fake mono pochette or an authentic one with the longer strap on it. I can't tell which, though the pochette looks pretty wide, not a good sign.
  3. ^^^ That's what I was thinking too, Rebecca.:yes:
  4. Looks like a fake pochette to me- they're not that wide and I've never seen a vachetta strap in that length.
  5. is it a perf pochette? and the strap is extended or something?
  6. i don't know if this is a determining factor, but if you look really closely, the LVs that you can see are off-center. definitely NOT a good sign.
  7. Very wide indeed.. Hmm..
  8. mmm very wide pochette & rather long strap?????????
  9. Yeah IMO, it's fake, no pochettes are that wide. :nogood:
  10. i agree! :tup:
  11. she looks clueless..... THAT's what's funny......

    *was that mean*?
  12. It's a sad attempt at a Pochette. Do y'all notice the tan suede interior? I hear something/someone screaming fake!!! :yucky:
  13. sad fake :sad:
  14. Looks fake to me :tdown:
  15. Wow.. way to classy up the Cannes. :sad: