What bag do you use most?

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  1. Hello Ladies and Some Gents!

    I wanted to post this thread to see everyone's insight...

    I love all my bags and take care of them very very very well. But there is that one bag that I use more then others. Its a black Gucci GG logo fabric bag that I use for work ALL THE TIME! I use it more then others because I work in a little kart in a mall. Theres hardly any storage space for our personal belongings, ie. jackets, bags. Its literally smashed with all my other co workers thing in one tiny space!! It gets so dusty in there Im really realllly afraid to use my nicer bags.

    The GG is my LEAST favorite bag, yet at work, I use it all the time due to the fact that it is durable and doesnt get dirty. Basically, its a bag I dont need to worry about... its my 'throw around bag'

    However, I would NEVER use that bag outside of work...

    How about you guys and gals?

    Is this the same for you? Do you use your least favorite bag more often than your other bags?
  2. At the moment......
    (Chanel reissue 226, 2006, black with s h/w)
  3. most of the times for a year or so, my balenciaga bags...
  4. Speedy 35.
  5. Balenciaga Day in Blueberry -- I do switch it up, but I wind up carrying this about 75% of the time.LOVE!
  6. I am using my Deauville the most lately because it just holds more.
  7. I use my Muse for work because it carries all my junk...
  8. Balenciaga City - great size, super light, and I can hand and shoulder carry it!
  9. I use my Speedy 30 MC.
  10. In the winter months I mostly use my black togo birkin & in the warmer months I use a gold birkin.
  11. I use my Gucci tote bag the most. It is perfect for the Office.
    Picture 095.jpg
  12. I switch between my black Betsey Johnson tote and my brown Max Azaria, but I have a new caramel colored Gucci Blondie that I am going to start carrying soon!
  13. For school I use my Balenciaga Ink Weekender, it is perfect.:heart:
  14. I leave my handbag in a communal, unsecured office, and work outdoors. I carry a Francesco Biasia Cool Affair large satchel, or a Ralph Lauren tote most days. I just couldn't trot out something precious at work... I couldn't forgive myself if something bad happened to it.
  15. I like to switch it up for the weekends and use a wide variety from my collection (depends on the outfit, you know?). For work, I usually use my black Ferragamo Meditarraneo, my white Prada bucket, and am currently looking for a big brown bag (maybe an Hermes :smile:?