what bag do you use for winter??

  1. I'm just curious as to what bags you ladies use for winter since its comming around the corner! This is also for preparation !:yes: ( i like to think ahead! and since joining this forum i can't stop thinking about bags!:nuts:)

    I think it'd be helpful to suggest possible bags so those who are unsure can get ideas!

    For example, would leather be good? i.e. Louis Vuitton etc..
    Also would you suggest people not use a certain materials in winter cause of the cold climate?? Anything would be great!! thanks!
  2. I'm planning on using my LV damier speedy 30 for the winter ... it's easy to wipe down when it starts to snow.
  3. I have a MiuMiu shearling bag that I've been waiting all summer to be able to use again, plus I wear more black in the winter so the black bags will be in use more.
  4. Please forgive me if I'm stating the obvious, but you do know that only some of the LV bags are 100% leather? Monogram and Damier only have leather trim
  5. I'll use my Chloe bags, Paddy in dark grey and Betty in black for winter because they don't mind snow or rain. I'll probably use my balenciaga ink, grenat and sapin as well because of the dark colour. It's probably easier for me to say which bags I won't use because their leather/colour is to delicate and this will be my Kooba sienna in desert which stains so easily and my bbag rouge vif work.
  6. Definitely damier ribera mm for rainy weather.

  7. Nope i didn't know that:confused1: I'm new to this stuff, that's why i was curious. although my friend who owns a bunch of LV said that you can use LV all season cause its so durable!
  8. My LV Damier Ribera and MJ Black Hobo
  9. it's durable but you have to take care of the handles etc. on a brand new one
  10. No clue! It's sad but I may have to retire my longchamp in sunny warm mellow yellow!
  11. Still my Speedy 35 but I'd change it up more with my other bags.
  12. I actually don't recommend using any LV's that have a leather trim b/c they spot. For example, then handles on my speedy have gotten a nasty dark brown because of rain/show and lotion from manicures (whoops!). The epi leather LV's are fantastic for winter. But get one that zips like the epi alma.
  13. I like shoulder straps to fit over a coat, no satchels, wahh. Actually, there's a new Coach satchel I bought on eBay that's arriving with long straps! Whoopee, I can't wait. Should be here soon! (As well as a bordeaux one.)

    I also will wear more black because my boots are black (might get brown too, they were a deal, but almost sold out, so I'd need to HUNT) and my Fall and Winter coats are dark grey (anyway).

    No open top bags, as well.

    Nothing with the kind of leather that gets wet spots until it dries, not sure what leather, but I have two Coach bags. (They're summer anyway.)

    Winter white maybe??

    Last year I was into red. Who knows! I'm not there yet.

    PLEASE! Keep us in Fall, I'm still in Fall!!! :biggrin:
  14. Lol i know, i know i'm WAaaaaayyyy ahead of myself!:shame:
    Fall is the longest season too!! *sigh* its great that your waiting for you bags! so am i! :yahoo:i ordered the Nicky Hilton ST star bag in white on this site (DearBags.com) and i can't wait for its arrival! i've wanted it since it came out in '03? or '04!:wlae: can't wait ! can't wait!!!

    Speaking of black, last winter my co-worker noticed every single one of us girls carried black bags in the winter! i guess its cause the weather's so miserable and its so cold during the winter here (in canada) that you can't bring yourself to carry a "happy" bag! :lol:
    But thanks everyone for the info! i will keep on searching, since i was going to get the mono speedy 25.
  15. My speedy 30 & my chloe bags.