What Bag do you carry to the Gym?

  1. To me the Speedy 30 its find and with the other hand holding a shoes or Excursion! will fit everytinh perfecty!, :nuts: because somethimes I some carry keepall45.. waht is it in the bag....? Just want to know cause I want to carry my Cherry keepall to Gym too but I think its look too big, its like traveller bag
  2. I mean : I saw some :shame:
  3. Montsouris GM:love:
  4. I just use a black duffle bag I got free when I joined my old gym. Do I need a LV tote now? LOL.
  5. I only carry generic black nylon bag I got from San Lorenzo Market Florenze. Now you got me thinking...
  6. I would be totally paranoid :wondering that someone would break into my locker if I carried an LV to the gym. Just a regular duffle bag for me!
  7. I don't want my LVs to smell sweaty so I just use this cheap bag that I have lying around the house.
  8. Tokidoki large messenger....fits a ton!
  9. me too! well i only have one louis and it is way too small to be used as a gym bag anyway.
  10. I use a plain old gym bag too. I don't wanna cry if somebody decides to steal my stuff!
  11. Some cheap large bag that I found laying around the house. :lol: I don't want any sweat stain on my bag!
  12. Gym bags at the gym. After all, everything has its purpose:biggrin:
  13. A black Coach leather tote -- about 18 inches. Bought it off eBay a few years ago. A bit scuffed now but basically indestructible and used daily. But confess I'm flirting with an LV Keepall.
  14. i change often. whatever mood i'm in
  15. I use an LL Bean tote bag. It doesn't show dirt that much, it fits my clothes and towel/bath stuff, and it's very durable. I used to use a bookbag way back from college, but I always found it kind of lumpy with my shoes and just uncomfy.

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