What are your thoughts on the Greta MC...

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  1. What are your thoughts on the Greta MC black bag?...is it worth the coin?..anyone with modelling pics???....I just got the MC belt..HOT
  2. [​IMG]here is a pic....
  3. I own this bag in white and love it! I will try to post pics soon.
  4. i love it ! it think it looks especially pretty in white!!!
  5. I like it. But I prefer it in white...as I do with all the MC pieces.
  6. I tried this purse on recently at the boutique and it felt really good on it fit well....pretty large but comfy...and my husband said it looked good on...I felt it is one of those purses that look much better when you have it on than looking at it on the shelf...
  7. I personallly like this bag in the White MC. But I am also worry about the vachetta turning dark.
  8. I've tried the white MC IRL, quite nice but a bit stiff/structured. I prefer the black colour.
  9. i think it is a nicely shaped bag, but prefer it in white mc.
  10. i love it... i really like it in black
  11. I think it's a gorgeous bag. I would prefer it in white as well.
  12. I personally think it's very hot especially in white.
  13. I LOVE the black!
  14. Black Greta is really beautiful, but personally, I like the Claudia more.
  15. Oh its pretty! I have never seen this bag before but i'm now a fan! Lol