What are your personal quirky H preferences?

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  1. After spending (too much!) time on this board and lots of virtual shopping, I think I've figured out my personal shopping preferences. I love admiring other people's bags (I'm convinced there is no such thing as an ugly H bag!), but for my own purchases:

    1. I love box, but only in sellier Kellys.
    2. I would get a retourne Kelly only if it were a midtone color like etoupe. I don't like dark retourne Kellys.
    3. I like only PHW.
    4. I can't seem to warm up to exotics. My wallet is happier because of that.
    5. The only Birkin I lust after is a 30 cm Raisin in togo. For some reason, I can't see myself wearing any other Birkin.

    So, what are your quirks?
  2. Well, I am currently thinking over the specs of my first H bag I am saving up for.

    It will be a Lindy and I would LOVE to have it in a fabulous H color. I am also still deciding between swift and clemence. Ideally, I would like to hold up a Lindy 30 clemence in one hand and a Lindy 30 swift in the other to see just how big the weight difference really is.

    So I am thinking:

    1. Lindy 30 bleu jean clemence
    2. Lindy 30 bleu jean swift
    3. Lindy 30 potiron clemence
    4. Lindy 30 potiron swift

    Oh yes, and PHW, please! LOL

    Yet another quirk..if I ever do move on to save up for a Kelly, I would like my first to be in lizard!
  3. Intersting thread...
    My quirks would be that since I've been on this thread I have started to like EVERYTHING! I use to think I would be happy with let's say 4 bags, a Constance, a Kelly, a Bolide and a Birkin. Now its so bad! I now like all hardware and want duplicate bags! Though since being on this thread I do think that Parchmein (sp?) looks best in GHW and Etoupe in PHW. I agree about the Sellier Kelly as well. Oh , (sorry this is so long) I use to think I did not want exotics :girlsigh: too bad that is no longer true!
  4. Good question about the quirks!! I have so many:

    1) GH for me all the way...the verdict is not out for me yet on my etoupe w/ PH...I haven't even used it yet!!

    2) I know this will upset a lot of people, so please don't take offense, so apologizing before I say this...I DON'T like the Hermes gold colored leather anything! I know I know. I can feel the lashings already!! Please understand, I am yellow already so the additional tones of the gold do nothing for me!!! :flowers:

    3) I always dress my birkins with the lock on the right with the clochette. Don't ask me why. I am one of those people who would love to DYMO EVERYTHING in my kitchen cabinets!! yes, I have issues...

    4) Here is another weird thing...I don't like H BLACK anything..not even in exotics. The ONLY black I like is black box in anything...but again, GH only. PH does nothing for me. weird. Then again, I just bot the black gao...more for the shape of the bag...AND I had no choice. :Push:

    5) I never wear H shoes/clothing/handbag at the same time. The most I can do is a top and handbag, but never the shoes with the clothing.

    6) Kellys only in 28...no bigger or smaller.

    7) BUT I love BIG Bolides?? And to top that off, I have a big GOLD Bolide.

    ok, starting to think I need to go to H therapy....Calling Dr. Bombay!:wacko:
  5. It's Dr Paris-Bombay actually :P
  6. Handybags, we are SO on the same wavelength!!
  7. Spooky! :lol:
  8. Me too! That's my current problem. My other quirk is that I only like PHW also, except for Gold, b/c I think Gold looks best with GHW.
  9. Over the years, I've had most every size, color, leather of Birkin or Kelly. And I've finially come to the conclusion -I always come back, eventually, to the same two bags.

    I want only one Birkin and one Kelly - both 35cm boxcalf with gold hardware.

    :jammin: I LOVE BIG BAGS (and I cannot lie ) ! :jammin:

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. 1. I agree that I can not see myself with a Birkin. Although they are BEAUTIFUL, they seem a litte impractical for my lifestyle.

    2. If I were going to purchase an item in box, it would have to be a Kelly in a darker color.

    3. Although most tPFers like the brighter colors for their H accessories, I prefer darker richer colors.
  11. actually my tastes have matured quite a bit and the forum has really helped me broaden my H interests. I used to only like PHW but now I find it a bit sterile and prefer gold. I like silver on blue jean and other certain HOT colors that need the coolness of the silver but black for example looks much richer with gold .......................i do prefer the kelly visually but find it difficult to use. To answer the question though: my quirk is that I really dont care for most H colors. I find them loud.
  12. I don't feel guilty for having neutral colors in croc skin i.e. brown kelly and black birkin but for saffron and other colors I feel guilty for spending so much...
  13. I play dumb when talking to my SA. I like for him to tell me about different styles, leathers, and colors even if I know all about them.
  14. Did not like lizard until recently but have begun to yearn for something lizzy on account of the great PF photos

    Have sizable lizards on my property that I have begun to evaluate for purse potential

    Don't like scarves worn around the handles of bags

    Don't like anything hanging from an H bag except the lock, clochette and maybe a large H scarf

    Can't warm up to blue Jean or raisin

    Could have every style in gold

    Don't like most ostrich unless it's in a dark color because it makes me think of a plucked bird

    Have fallen for the Kelly Pochette even though I don't care much for small bags

    Love the combination of toile and leather

    Can change my mind and fall in love with something H that didn't "speak to me" after seeing it IRL
  15. Prefer a bag w/ two handles - unless it's a shoulder or clutch.

    Personally can't do lizard but can definitely appreciate its beauty.

    Never ever use the clochette. Call me goofy.