What are your favourite books on style?

  1. I think I may be adicted to books on style and I have quite a collection, including: "How to have style" by Isaac Mizrahi, "How not to look old" by Charla Krupp, "Style Evolution" by Kendall Farr and "Style Clinic" by Paula Reed. I really enjoy browsing these books and being inspired. Do you have any favourites that you would recommend?
  2. Great thread!

    I'm in the middle of reading I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks, and I think it's fantastic. I also have both of the Lucky manual books...I loved the first one, but the second fell a little short for me.
  3. Nina Garcia has 3 really good books:

    The Little Black Book of Style

    The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own

    The Style Strategy by Nina Garcia

    Also The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman is amazing for me.
  4. Brenda Kinsel's book on revamping your closet, I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks, Gigi Anders essays in her "Little Pink Raincoat" book. I like the Garcia books although a lot of her must-haves aren't mine and I like Kendall Farr's books, too.
  5. I really like Nina Garcia's The Style Strategy, Rachel Zoe's Style A to Zoe and Victoria Beckham's That Extra Half an Inch but my all-time favourites have to be the Trinny & Susannah books, with Who do you want to be today? at the top.

    I just love reading these books + any tips and tricks I might pick up are always welcome!
  6. I have Elegance by Madame Dariaux (the new edition, not the original). I also have one of the earlier In Style books, can't remember the name.

    Mostly for fashion and style references, I have magazines going back 10 years with articles from certain issues and titles being flagged for easy reference.
  7. Wow. That's some organization. I have piles of pages from shredded magazines that need binders. That's my system for style. I just got Peter Walsh's book on organization to save me. I'm looking forward to actually looking at my style clippings from past years.
  8. I gain inspiration from the Sex And The City Kiss and Tell book. Lots of pictures of the girls.
  9. Um, it sounds more organised than it actually is :biggrin: Generally I have piles of mags, I'd love to have shelving for them but space isn't an option so I have piles. And I have piles of 'current issues', 'old but relevant/loving at the moment' and 'old/not relevant now'. It's organised chaos, I guess ;)
  10. style a to zoe by rachel zoe !
  11. I'm bumping this thread because I had been on the hunt for Rachel Zoe's book for a while but didnt want to pay a lot. I went on Eb*y and bought it for $8.65 with free shipping. I got it in the mail today and to my surprise it has Rachel's autograph on the blank page inside. This book has a sticker price from Kitson and I googled her book signings at Kitson and she did one in 2007. She signed the book in 2007 in a black sharpie. I thought that was a pretty cool find.