What are your favorite 'guilty pleasures'?

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  1. I must be very guilty, because I have alot...but here are just few.

    An afternoon nap, before the kids come home from school.

    Curling up on the sofa with my fluffy tink blanket and popcorn and watching a tear jerker chic flic.

    Ducking out for a mani/pedi/message, just before the housekeeper comes. Coming home so relaxed to a fresh house...ahhh.

    What are your guilty pleasures?
  2. Definitely a pedicure. Love them and can't get enough. Or grabbing a coffee when I need a bit of downtime with a book.
  3. definately day time tv when i have the house to myself.
  4. Spending Sunday morning in bed reading the papers

    Ordering a pizza and watching crime shows on Hallmark

    Oh and definately agree with manicure/pedicure - I love that!
  5. TPF for hours and hours....pedicures, highlights, good food.
  6. Pizza and re-runs of Law and Order SVU. Best if combined! Or pizza and chickflicks. Another great combination lol.
  7. Watching trash tv and uh the purse forum.
  8. hmm

    -World's Deadliest Catch...yes I'm addicted to a show about crabbing and rough-crabber men :blush:

    -A really heavy alfredo

    -Good real Pralines! My Dad picks them up for me while he's in Georgia...sooooo tasty!!!

    -Renting horror movies I've seen dozens of times now and watching them again (horror flicks are my equivalent of everyone's chick flicks :biggrin:)

    -Keeping track of Lolita (EGL) fashion, even though I'm not wearing it anymore...I admit I miss it, so I try not to look at sites too often, or else I'll get sad.
  9. Afternoon daily naps, muffins (or as I call them cake for breakfast), spending my dh's money like it's water!!
  10. Watching ANTM marathons on VH1
  11. Afternoon naps and junk food.
  12. I am not sure this is one, but I am a gym maniac. I love to work out! I also love my perfumes. Spa treatments and can't forget shopping.
  13. Hmmm....

    A nice glass of wine and tPF....
    The Real World Denver....lol, I know...
    Taking my puppy for walks
    Having coffee with my mom and just talking
    Local parades..
  14. *Dunn Bros. Mocha Icecremas... I'm an addict...
    *The Cheesecake Factory... I'm an addict...
    *And taking "days off" where I can be completely lazy and not do anything. No schoolwork, no work, no drama. Just a day to chill.
  15. tPF
    Acrylic nails
    Court TV
    Day time talk shows
    naps...are a must!