What are your expectations from sellers?

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  1. I'm an occasional eBay seller, and I ship quickly, pack nicely, etc. Then again, I sell rarely and it's usually an older purse or something.

    I bought a $30 item (it's a water bottler, so it's an expensive one). The shipper's page said 3 days to ship. Well today, 7 days later, I get a tracking number. Paypal gave me an estimated delivery of yesterday-tomorrow. Wah wah.

    Anyway, it makes me wonder if I should lower my expectations. I'm not saying I expect Amazon prime speed responsiveness, but I feel like this would deserve a neutral feedback. I heard nothing about the item being delayed so I assumed it had been shipped. Again, wah wah :wondering
  2. JMHO, but if the item arrives and is as described, I'm not sure neutral feedback is warranted.

    Keep in mind that ebay's and paypal's estimated delivery times are practically impossible and even when a seller ships same day as payment is made, items are often delivered "late" when compared to the estimated time.
  3. I always check the tracking to see what date the item was sent but I know that sometimes the item isn't scanned right away. I've seen packages I've mailed not get scanned in for a few days, even when I took them to the post office. This is very common especially with first class mail.

    Also sometimes if the seller uploads the tracking manually, it is possible it took them a few days to upload it even though they actually sent the item within the expected timeframe. If you got the tracking today and the expected ship date is tomorrow, it might be that the seller actually mailed it several days ago but neglected to update the tracking. I wouldn't give neutral feedback even if the seller doesn't ship within the promised time period. I might ding a star but only if I know for sure they didn't mail it when promised.

    My pet peeve is sellers who don't upload tracking. I hate being in the dark about when a package is supposed to be delivered. What if the tracking would show it was delivered today and I didn't get it? By the time I start to investigate what happened to my package, it will be too late.
  4. Yeah, when I asked her if she'd actually just shipped the item she said she had because she ran out. Not sure if that's quite true because she relisted it the next day showing she had multiple pieces.

    I'm pretty annoyed but it's not a huge deal. Some communication from her would have been nice if she had known she wouldn't be even close to making her three day ship window.
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    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014

    Communication is key & many sellers fall short on communicating.
    For some buyers too much for other buyers not enough.

    I think an e-mail with shipping notification & tracking info,
    would be appreciated by many buyers.

    While sellers have no true control over shipping times &delays, bad
    weather etc, shipping time does have to be put in perspective & ebay
    is certainly not accurate nor is the info from usps for that matter

    In this case, don't think neutral is the appropriate feedback.. perhaps
    her stars need to be dinged... but that is up to you..
  6. I had this happen to me once. I dropped an item off the same day that I received payment at FedEx and got a receipt. For some unknown reason, tracking didn't show up until a full 5 days after I dropped the item off. It looked like I didn't ship it when in fact I did! The item was sitting in the Fedex store and then shipped to the warehouse days later which is when it got scanned! To make matters worse, there were horrible shipping delays and the buyer didn't get the package until 14 days after although I shipped immediately (literally got the money in my paypal account, printed the label and drove to fedex within 30 minutes of receiving payment). Stuff happens. I wouldn't ding the seller but that's just me.
  7. What day did the auction end?
  8. It was a lot, I purchased one through BIN on 4/2.
  9. Depending on the time of day, I might not count Thursday, the 3rd. So, the 4th, the 7th and 8th are 3 business days. So, I guess she may have taken an extra day. Not a big deal to me, but that is me. I am waiting on something from the 3rd, no tracking yet. When it gets here, if it is what I ordered, it will be positive and 5 stars. I am happy to support any seller willing to deal with EBay and get me what pay for. lol