What are you thinking about the new Chloe clothing collections?

  1. Doesn't a lot of it seem a bit more Marni than Chloe?
  2. yep, agreed it does, its odd that the Marni influence has already filtered through even though his first true collection will be the a/w one. More and more I find that Chloe clothes are out of most peoples price range. It is definitely now on par with Marc Jacobs, yet the quality and attention to detail is not on par.

    I love to purchase one item from each collection, but its getting hard to justify to myself now, how the pieces can possibly be worth it, and thats a real shame.

    As I have said before tho, the clothing sure makes the accessories seem reasonable ;)
  3. I totally agree with both of you. :yes:

    I have mixed feelings about the S/S collection. I like some Marni (and have loved some Marni shoes, in the past), but it isn't really me, on the whole.

    If anything, I have always erred on the slightly more glamourous side of Chloe and I feel that Marni has generally resided on the opposite, quieter side.

    Still, it'll be interesting to see what the A/W show has in store! :biggrin: